Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ha Ha Blooming Health Kicks

FPMSL here - or would be, if I wasn't as sick as a dog and stuff like that would make me throw up mere hours ago. The good news is - I am not throwing up any more (possibly due to the fact that I have no stomach contents and I think my bile duct has given all it had to offer); the bad news is that my contact with reality is sort of out of focus at the moment. So all insertions of pure lunacy are to be seen as normal, okay?

The worst thing about this is that yesterday, I was starting a health kick. I had received a few nasty migraines in the past week, and that combined with feeling quite unfit and wanting to get rid of a nasty habit or two made me all inspired and reach for the Leslie Kenton 10 Day Clean-Up Plan that I had scored at an op-shop about 10 years ago and always used as inspiration for the one day when I would try to get healthy.

So yesterday, it was on. The worst bit is, the first day is easy - just cut out carbs and caffeine (and anything else unhealthy) - which should be a piece of cake for me, as my caffeine load is limited anyway, carbs can be avoided by close perusal of the crisper and the anything else unhealthy gets tossed on a regular basis.

So I am fairly sure that my malaise yesterday was not related to any health kicks although it is a fairly easy target.

I had to do a course in the morning and was peachy. Got home to the effects of something starting but ate in an effort to thwart it, lay down a little when my head tried to tell me the something was growing, and then tried to blithely go on as if nothing was knocking on the connection between the spinal column and cranium for an hour (ha ha even did my 45 minute power walk)- when that knock became a pound, I lay down again to try and dissuade it as I had a parent-teacher meeting and both myself, my daughter and teacher are still trying to work each other out.

When the alarm went at 2.30 I thought I felt better. I got to school to discover I was wrong - but my timing is impeccable, waiting until the other 5 parents and teacher were assembled before bolting from the classroom and impressing the school cleaners downstairs with my almost forebearance, and giving them a glimpse of all the healthy food I had partaken.

We continued this pattern for the next 30 minutes - I would feel able to continue impressing the teacher, then I would not impress. The worst bit of it is that the teacher knew all of the other parents, as she had taught their children in Grade 1. I was the only unknown.

I got home, cancelled the moggy's vet appointment and lay in bed alternately groaning, sleeping and venting (isn't that a nice euphamism).

My 7 year old got to do whatever she darned well pleased - luckily she is a pretty good kid so that involved only about 8 changes of clothes and a few snacks. She almost jumped for joy when I said I would call a friend of mine to take her and feed her - she was ready and at the door waiting within 30 seconds - hmmm, she might be having 2nd thoughts about that nursing career she aspires to!

My wonderful friend Del came and collected her and her stuff for the day so that they could do a sleepover. My long distance darling fretted that he couldn't be here to take on that role (or even hold the hair out of my eyes). I just kept on alternating.

Last night was a very long night - I did actually manage to have a bath at about 8.30 and then collapse into bed, only to wake every 15 minutes or so.

Today, I could apply for the space cadets. Don't think I will embrace the fruit cleansing today, may reshelve Leslie until I am better able to embrace her again.

Maybe its just fate smiting me for trying to be cute and fit the detox across a weekend my sweetie and I won't spend together. I dunno.

Oh, and thank you for the comments on the last post, also. Both for the personal lift (people other than my immediate circle care enough to read my blathers) and for the psycho-social - I was cringing for a while after the schizophrenia post worrying if I had gone too far, because of the social stigma attached to the disease - and you guys pulled me back to what I was trying to say - thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon - and no I don't think you did go too far with your previous post.

Tracey said...

Yes, hope you're better. And hope you do better than I would at not linking the 'health kick' with the gastro.