Sunday, September 09, 2007

Muddying the Waters

For those of you not in the loop - I wrote a few long blogs about my washing machine in the past. If you want to wade through and catch up:
(As is my style, you will need to sort through quite a bit of chaff to get the nuggets...)

And, in lieu of
  • the happy blog I was going to write today about the sunshine and flowerbeds and muesli bars,
  • the traumatic blog going to write today about the screaming teenage couple having a domestic in front of our house and the plight and fear of the abused woman,
  • the moving blog I was going to complete alluded to in the previous post,
  • the funny blog I was going to write about my hairdressing therapist daughter,
I am instead giving you the letter I wrote to Electrolux this morning:

Dear Sir/Madam

I write to you concerning my front loader washing machine.

I bought my Electrolux EcoValve 6.5kg Frontloading Washing Machine from Myer Megamart in late July 2005.

Until April this year, I had no problems with the product. However, I was required to exercise my 2 year warranty with the problem at that point. The local Electrolux servicemen took the machine away as some motherboard component had failed (to quote his words quoting the big Electrolux repairman training them that week, it always happens on these machines.)

Obviously, my Electrolux EcoValve 6.5kg Frontloading Washing Machine will have run out of the 2 year warranty period recently, so (it seems with all household products these days) it decided to stop working today.

During a normal load, the "end" light and "door" light both came on and nothing will change that configuration.

Using the users manual, we have drained the machine and checked and cleaned the filter - to no avail.

During the time of having the machine turned off, we were able to open the door and take out the load - but upon reconnecting, the "end" light and "door" light both came on no matter what cycle we tried or button we pressed.

Could you please advise if (a) it is worth while attempting to repair your product, given the 2 year warranty period has expired and the design is set for that factor, (b) what we should be looking for if it is a repairable problem, and/or (c) which of your competitors products we should consider when replacing this.

I anticipate your response.

Jeanie InParadise
Slightly disgruntled (previous to April relatively joyous) Electrolux client


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Hey good luck with your washing machine repairs. I like point c) at the bottom. I'm sure we'll hear the outcome. Perhaps you should write your web address on your letter..

Anonymous said...

Omg am rolling on the floor trying so hard not to laugh! way to go, next time I have an issue with white ware I am going to come to you for some letter writing advice.
Love your blog, keep it up

Tracey said...

Priceless. Can't wait to hear the response.