Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I think I'll keep her!

This morning was a typical "post-Chinese restaurant / Blue Tuesday" combination. Good thing those two don't align very often, as I do not recommend it.

Awake from 4.30, but not the "oh I must get up and attack the day" kind of awake - more like a Jeanie with a very sore head. I groaned and grumped my way through the morning getting the chores done without joy.

Even the concept of having a "rain day" - therefore a few child-free V-filled hours - did not bring the delight that should have been felt. Good thing the surf was okay (and I had all those goodies baked).

My wonderful child came in to see me while I was wasting time on the computer planning my day to let me know "oh, it looks like the postman has been."

Hanging on a candelabra was a hand-made envelope, with a handmade paper windmill and this letter:

I just got one of those hugs - they come with smiles attached!

(Oh, and she is definitely my child - look at that handwriting!!)


Alison said...

Oh that is just gorgeous! In so many ways.
Hope the smile lasts.

The Brave said...

Oh she is too sweet. What a lucky Mum you are.

Tracey said...

That's very precious! Love those notes.

BB said...

Wow... THAT brought tears to my eyes (happy ones). What a little keeper... give her a hug from me!
PS My word was ynaooy - what does this mean???

Melody said...

What a gorgeous daughter you have. I remember writing notes like that to my own mum when I was little.

Lin said...

Awww! If you wouldn't have wanted to keep her, I'd definitely offer to have her. ;)

mommamia said...

Oh she is so sweet. She is definitely a keeper.

Anonymous said...

How precious is that? I have love letters from my kids stashed everywhere, so when I need a pick me up I can read them.
I love those hugs. So precious.

jeanie said...

I definitely keep all such treasures. It helps when your relationship is not so lovey-dove and more antagonistic!