Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Two weeks and a day...

ha ha ha - looks like Paris being tardy in arrival is just proof she didn't fall far from the tree, because her mother can't even post with any regularity, can she?

Happy new year - sort of loses its whole impact when the new is 4 days on, but I can assure you, it is all new from this perspective. (Oh my - 5 days on? That slipped past me!)

I thought we had a routine yesterday. Ha! That was yesterday's routine, which sort of resembled the day before's routine HOWEVER it bears very little resemblance to what may happen today. Good thing with the wet weather and the time of year no other member of the family has to be anywhere or has to do anything within a set timeframe for the next few days, so our world orbits hers.

At least its not the routine she adopted for a few days over the New Year festivities, where the full moon meant howling all night long - that is not a recommended way start to a year, and therefore we did not officially start the New Year here until the 2nd - or the 3rd (or maybe it was the 4th?) if you are using the Christmas Tree coming down as a gauge (hang on, perhaps she inherited the procrastinating gene from both sides of that family tree).

So anyway, this year has been rather low key here.

  • lots of grazing (and I am sure I am going to hit the bottom of the junk food stash at some point soon) (oh, and Paris is doing her bit to catch up to the larger members of the family),
  • occasional "real" meals (which is the only guarantee in Paris' life - she WILL wake up when there is food on the table and a chance for us to all sit down and eat),
  • nappy changes (which still has volunteers from the under 20s here - hooray - which considering she is doing double-nappies at the moment is admirable. By this age in 'Salina's life, she was started on EC - so far we have only "caught" once with Paris but as I said, given double-nappies not so easy)
  • sleep (or interruptions to the concept of - over the weekend there were Sex and the City reruns to amuse, last night Matlock Police didn't quite cut the mustard).

  • and gazing into the grey/green/slate/brown orbs our little hypnotic star.


Alison said...

Note to Jeanie - when you end a post with a picture of those breathtakingly beautiful girls, all of the words that make up said post will be instantly forgotten.

Irregular or not - it's great to hear from you and your gorgeous little people. :-)

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Oh Jeanie, what bliss !!!

And yes, sit on for dinner and I reckon they know !!!!

Happy New Year to you too !!

BB said...

I would hardly have expected you to post daily, you mad thing! Oh LOOK how she is growing... I NEED to cuddle her soon. AND that biog sister of hers too.

Sarah Lulu said...

OMG isn't she SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

so much love to you all, xxxx

Leenie said...

I thought howling all night was what you were SUPPOSED to do on New Years Eve...at least when you're young. (Not us we crashed two time zones too early zzzz.)

Thanks for taking time out of the UNroutine to share a photo of your young ladies. Wonderful changes in both. Grab sleep when you can get it and try to enjoy the ride. Heh.

Debby said...

Gees. I don't think a one of us here expects you to blog every day. Or even every week. We figure that your focus is elsewhere at this point. As it needs to be.

I love that baby's chin. Oh, my gosh. Oh my goodness. I want to cuddle that baby.

*knocks BB to the side*

Jayne said...

Simply gorgeous, cuddly-wuddly lovely bub.
Pardon, you said something...? :P

Debby said...

Shove over, Jayne, it's my turn to hold the baby. And for the good Lord's sake, don't let Novel Woman hold her...she'll nibble on the baby's toes. And watch yourself, because BB will certainly be trying to pull rank on us, what with the blood relative stuff.

Melody said...

That last photo is priceless. There is nothing better is there? I have not been a good blogger lately. So much to do, so little time.

BB said...

Dear Deb... you can nibble all you like. I get her for real later next week and I shall HOG her to my heart's content...

Debby said...

Ooooooooooooooooooh! That BB thinks she's so darn smart!

*whiney voice*

Jeanie? BB's hogging the baby...

jeanie said...

I want to know where are you people fighting over the chance to hold her at 2 in the morning, huh?

Debby said...

LOL. Since your two am is our 10 AM here, I was wide awake, and completely game for baby holding. Didn't you see me there?

A Novel Woman said...

Stand in line, ladies. I want to nuzzle that baby's neck, nibble her tiny feet and blow raspberries on her tummy. Oooh, she reminds me of my third baby, who weighed over 11 pounds at birth (didn't want to tell you that until after you'd had her. Wasn't that nice of me?)

BEAUTIFUL, nibble-able baby.