Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where is the time...

Well, it seems another few weeks have whizzed by - I know that the years get quicker the older you are, but frankly I am in mortal fear of the speeds they will reach if it continues at this rate!!!

We have been busy - although it tends to be busy-ness taking up our time because the checked boxes at the end of each day don't seem to reflect the huge amount of effort in getting through - and the "time spent relaxing on the computer" has been slashed hugely.

I am now working two part-time jobs while keeping a beady eye out for something more substantial (and financial) to kick in come August when the larger of these two ceases. V is now upping his study-load. His "good" knee decided that, after 2 months of wet weather it didn't really want to go back to work and so threw a hissy fit - although the report from the scans don't use the words "hissy" or "fit". We had always planned he would go back and attack his study properly - but the plan had a "when Paris is a little older" that has been kyboshed.

Currently (theoretically), Paris is with me mornings while V studies, with him in the afternoons while I work and has one day at Family Day Care.

One of the boxes ticked of late that has been looming was rearranging a bit of furniture. In all, the spare room/office is now working, 'Salina now has a real dressing table for her pre-teen preening (her great-grandmother's) and Paris' clothes are in a tallboy (the other great-grandmother's).

'Salina has grown up so much this holidays - half of it were spent at her aunt's where she got to ride horses, play with horses, plait horses manes, and plot with Dash (her words on return were "Dash and I have a bright future planned" - I believe it involves horses), while the other half have been dealing with her social life and being a huge help to us with Paris as we juggle work/study and parenting.

When we brought up the tallboy from the garage, it was rather grimy. 'Salina offered to clean it and set about it lickety-split. I asked if she needed anything to help, adding "although it looks like you are doing a pretty fair job with elbow grease". Very seriously she replied that all she had used was a bit of water - parents can be so silly sometimes, can't they?


BB said...

Oh she's SUCH a busy, helpful chick - we miss our jillaroo!!!

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh yes time is so variable ...some decades it's whizzzzzeeesssss by and others it creeps along.

Miss you!

River said...

Time certainly does whizz by. I remember turning 40. Now I'm suddenly almost 58. Where did those years go?

"Pre-teen preening". Love that phrase. My grand daughter is into that and she's only 6!!

Leenie said...

I know raising a family is a time intensive project. But I appreciate your taking a few minutes to bring us up to date. Maybe a photo of the girls before they change too much?

Some day you will also have to take a photo of one of your lists with the boxes checked--or not. I admire any kind of organization of chores. I make lists but they usually turn out to be "suggestions." Then when I finish something worthy of a check-off I add it to the list just for show.

Missy Boo said...

Hope you manage to catch a breath soon :)

Debby said...

Work. Study. Yeah. It all sounds very familiar. What is V studying?