Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Sometimes, the Universe really plays a great rally, doesn't it?

You bounce the metaphorical ball a few times.  Test the weight and the bounce.  Might even toss it up to see if the wind is a factor.

Then, if you are a tennis star, you thwack it - or if you are me, you tap it with your metaphorical racquet in the hope that it will make it across the net.

Last week, I thwacked one - metaphorically - and I got a return.

This week, I started organising this:
and the response has been phenomenal - can't wait until Sunday!

In just over 2 weeks, I will be doing this:

When I was at University, I had a Marketing Lecturer who once advised that there were always two reasons for anything, the RIGHT reason and the REAL reason.

In just over 2 weeks, I will also actually be going to a dentist while down in Brisbane.

I have Dental ISSHEWS.

I have just been over at Pearl's and her latest post is "Another Way We’ve Failed Our Children; or Cavi-Tease" - I will wait while you go and have a cackle.  I certainly did.

Anyhow, I commented:

I am a veteran of Fillings, Plates, Mouthguards, Root Canals, Wisdom Teeth, Braces, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists, Maxillo-Facial Surgeons (well, only one of them), Ceramists, Periodontists, Hygienists and Money-Hungry Barbarians.

I never get offered Gas. Just Needles.


I am willing to go down to Georgia to contemplate a life without such ordeals.

Youth. It is wasted on the Young.

I have everything crossed (and a few prayers chucked in for good measure) that the Universe has got a handy return awaiting for me in the Dental Realm.


Kelly said...

You have my sympathy. IMO, the dentist is never fun. :(

Debby said...

Well then, Jeanie Martini should help you profit from your own mouth. :D

BB said...

And let's revel in those sweet-spot hits a little too...

jeanie said...

Kelly - at least this dentist is cool - he was the orthodontist I started the journey with, and he is going to soothe my ruffled feathers and suggest possible paths in a calm and clear manner.

Debby - from your lips to God's ears.

BB - at first, I thought you were suggesting there was a lolly connection, and then realised we were still working with my analogy. All good.