Saturday, November 07, 2015

If you cnolep, doo

Pretty indepth analysis of my state of mind right now, actually.

I'm dead tired.  

Fell asleep at Parisian bedtime, to be frank.  Got woken by a cat who, although surrounded by four humans, feels that the advisement that the feeding of him should be pronto should be shouted only to me.  He can walk past three other humans of this household with nary a glance, come right up to me, give me a swipe and say "sister, food, now!"

Still, I suppose he is only dominating one member of the household with his being a feline-a$$hole to the one member of the household who will put up with such and still feed him.

Hey, it works for the others.

(Said for humorous purposes and in no way reflect 70% of the truth in this household, your honour)

But as I said, completely knackered.

Nearly fell asleep in front of the detective show 'Salina is fond of (and received as her only other gift for her recent 16th.  That is right, a pretty average blog post (that ended up being more about me than her), her license, a cake, dinner out and a DVD of a television show.   We certainly know how to par-tay in Paradise.


(At least her other mother gave her a better blog post)

Still don't know the lay of the land for our detective in romantic turmoil.

Didn't fall asleep in the bath, although whether the fact that the "it" of the particular "whodunnit" 'Salina was watching involved a bath-drowning may have had any sway in that scenario I will never know.

Definitely didn't fall asleep while watching the most excellent episode of The IT Crowd that I inadvertently taped last night.

(I put the full episode on my Facebook Page)

And now - now that there is nothing on and it is the dead of night...

My mind is racing.

Organizing a birthday extravaganza for Paris.  Because I am so good at that.  

Realizing I am a pretty poor mother as I did only the above for my Sweet Sixteen. Good for a little bit of self-loathing.

Laugh again at the prospect of women's slacks I get over myself and review the weekend ahead - always a good policy to think of the absolute carpload of triviality my weekend has stuffed itself with...

I have paperwork to find that appears to have misplaced itself.

Really important paperwork.

So turning the house over in panic is on the list.

I need to buy a few things for - well, for life, really.  You know, just socks, knickers, bras (we have well and truly broken the rule of three here - desparate times, lord I need bras), shirts, trousers and shoes.  Could probably do with some fresh earrings also.

Paris has a birthday party to attend nigh on every free weekend day between here and the desert before Christmas that is her own birthday - so there are presents galore to gather.

And don't mention Christmas shopping, because if we both ignore it, I can remain in blissful ignorance that anyone expects any sort of song and dance around that.

And do you know what?  All this rocking in a corner just isn't helping me get to sleep at all.

So I thought, what the heck, offload to the internet and seek the solace of slumber.

Well, either that, or read The Bloggess...

So - how do you get off to sleep when you are whirring...


Jen at Semantically driven said...

I usually give in and read. I can't switch off the brain.

Kelly said...

Reading. Normally I read at bedtime until my lids start to droop. I was never one of those who could sit up all night with a good book.

And honestly, if I wake in the night and can't go back to sleep... I pray. It helps take my mind off (or refocus) all those racing thoughts.

Last resort - just give in and get up and do something useful (like feed the blasted cat?? ...and funny thing, I've heard my daughter call her feline an a$$hole, too. Must be a kitty thing.) ;)

jeanie said...

The downside of reading is the other person in the bed sleeping. Mind you, I have been known, in my younger days, to pull an all-nighter on a book so no guarantee to sleep.

Cats definitely do have a heavy a$$hole factor - part of what we overlook when we love them!