Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Fiesta Fairy Floss

I watched them whisking fairy floss
       At the fiesta today.

Bulbs of lime green spun sugar
     around and around
     until gorged.

The fairy floss I remember from my childhood
     was bigger and fatter
And now I am, and all my childhood memories
     seem minimised.

A child near to me was attempting
To negotiate her knob of mollten sweetness
     Between the boundaries of
          What her mother may allow;
          What her mouth may accommodate.
     She overestimated on both counts.

And the fairy floss's lime green
     Exactly matched
The elastics in her hair.

(Written around the time of a West End Fiesta I would say - possibly 1998 or 1999?)


Debby said...

Such a very sweet capture of a nostalgia in a very tiny moment. Love it.

Kelly said...

The imagery in this is wonderful! :D

jeanie said...

Thank you both...