Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New Day

New job, new adventure.

I have spent the past 5 1/2 years juggling a few jobs.

I did payroll for a veg picker until this time last year - as a third job it was fun, but the requirements were getting bigger and my capacity to do them in my "spare time" was diminishing.

I did an administration role three days a week for a government department, doing customer service with their clients and also made a few little Excel projects for them.

I was finance officer for the local neighbourhood centre for two days a week, ensuring all budgets for all grants were acquitted, staff were paid, bills were right.

Loved my jobs.

But now I have the opportunity to do all this and more in a full-time permanent capacity for another mob.  Last time I tried the full-time permanent gig it turned out to be definitely not the right workplace for me. 

I am trying very hard to shunt that thought right OVER THERE because I don't think these people are at all like those people were.

So first day in a brand new job.

And still coughing a lung out from the lurgy that I had last week.

Always a good look.  I shall hereafter be referred to "that new girl who brought the plague".

I can't put it off, though, as they have already waited out my four weeks notice - and the extra day because I couldn't read a calendar correctly.