Monday, May 21, 2007

Somebody Loves Me

A bit of an erratic post (and I say that in foresight, as opposed to the usual "oh my goodness" at the end of a waffle!)

For a start, thank you Jay for alerting me to the Blogger malfunction on the Mysteries post. I hopefully have fixed it now! Let me know otherwise.

Thank you also to Tracey and BrissieMum2 for sending me love - sweeties! (Oh, and BTW Trace - I can't see your sidebar and links, although V can on his computer - my computer is wierd! I generally use Firefox, but can't even see it with IE)

I am not sure if Blogger and I are truly in love, though. I joined Blogger because it was easy when the impetual motion was working for me - and hey, it lets me say things to the world that otherwise would have just kept on rattling in my brain - but I don't know.

For a start, generally you cannot get a "discussion" with the comments section on other people's blogs. If you comment on a blog you have to go back to that post and check the comments every time - as do those who comment here and want to instigate feedback. Maybe if anything tickles me in my comments, I will answer it in a post and save the hassle - what is everyone else's take?

Secondly, if you know of any way to make Blogger better - or alternately a better platform - can you let me know? I would love to investigate it further.

I am sure that some people I do my work for love me - and even if they don't, how to get them to express their love in a timely and financially enhancing way?

That is my task for this afternoon - possibly shall not be:

Dear Oh-IT-guru-of-clothing-manufacturer

We have known each other for a very long time now, and I know that you know you can call on me for information and advice on interesting little things I have done for my client and your colleagues (whom your company half-shafted a short while ago). I know this because you do, and did (even after the half-shaft manouvre).

When we had our last series of discussion, I expressed to you my interest in receiving some dosh for my impressive know how and writing a report on it, and you seemed only too happy to receive my invoice. At our last discussion, you reported on its progress in the general direction of the Accounts department.

It all seems so long ago now, gu, and while my invoice may involve a sum of money too small for your consideration, given that it equates to the wholesale price of only one or two of many of the garments you make for the benefit of the beauty of the world, it means a lot to me. It means a bill paid, some groceries bought, child-care for my child - heck, it could even mean a new printer and a massage if I go to the right outlets (and don't worry about the former necessities).

These are things that I want and need in my life, gu, and for some reason the tardiness of your Accounts department mean that they are not in my life RIGHT NOW. Can you help me either (a) see sense in their dereliction of duty, or (b) live the high life by putting a fire under their tail.

Yours in breathless anticipation,

Jeanie (hoping to make Paradise an even better place)

And lastly, I know that my family and friends love me.

'Salina is showing me her love right now by yelling her homework problems and hypochondriacal fears of wrist control across the house.

V is showing me his love by not snoring during his afternoon nap. Probably wore him out - poor boy had a rain day, so after discussions on how to use the child-free time most wisely this morning I fulfilled his fantasies and took him grocery shopping.


Tracey said...

Must be a reason why I actually went over to to have a look the other day.

Have you always not been able to see my sidebar, or is it some recent hiccup?

Shows on my 'puter... }:|

Hope you get PAID!! The stories you hear about companies not paying their invoices, or being slow to pay, would make your toes curl, really...

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Wordpress is a pretty good blogging platform. A website I do uses it and it has plugins for just about everything. Don't know how much flexibility you get in the free sites though.

Here's hoping you get paid too.


No do not take a man grocery shopping.

He will evolve into:

a...the man who will throw anything interesting into the cart with no thought to cost


b...the man who questions every item you pick up to put in the cart because of brand or cost or some strange reasoning of his own.

If a man wants to go to the grocery store than he has to start doing the meal planning and the cooking.