Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bah Humbug

Apparently, there is only 4 weeks until Christmas. How did that happen? Didn't we just have one?

Here, I face the relentless tide of Christmas cheer (both V and 'Salina are big fans of the whole she-bang) just waiting the starters gun. Being the holder of said gun (by virtue of being the holder of the voice of reason) I am very stern in my "no Christmas until December 1". If I could get away with a later date, I would possibly try it, but it is hard enough holding to that one.

I do love Christmas.
  • I love the fact that the food is so good (especially the mangoes).
  • I love the swimming and excuse to laze around all day (except for the never-ending washing up and food preparation).
  • I love the giving and receiving of presents (well, the underlying who spent how much on who and who broke the "no big presents" rulings - oh, and the darned "oops, we didn't factor Christmas in when we did the budget" black clouds sort of dim the cheer).
  • I love the fact that it is ONE DAY in the calendar. Read that folks - ONE DAY.

  • I can handle a lead time for a bit of socialising.
  • I understand that the post office needs a few days to distribute the cards - heck, if I ever remember the cards, I often give them all of January to do so.
  • I know that at some point I will have to face the shops and try to stretch the few bucks I have stolen from next year's prosperity plan into something resembling cheer for my ever expanding network of family and friends.
  • I know that I will then scurry and attempt to concoct or create a few more gifts to show my care and consideration for them.
  • Yes, houses do look pretty with lights, and I am up to a tour of those who wish to spread the joy in that way.
  • Tinsel gathers dust, blu tack works into carpet and sticky tape leaves marks - that is why we have a tree, so it can all go in one spot - much easier for dismantling before New Year.
  • I have even been known (and don't you DARE repeat this to anyone) to open my mouth and actually sing during Carols.

But not before December 1 - please?

(Oh, and note to V and 'Salina - I swear, those 4 notes I whistled yesterday were just 4 unrelated notes, and not the first line of an obscure verse of a Christmas Carol - and it does not give you permission to start humming louder or accidentally breaking into song. Just remember who is the dictator here and we will survive the next 3 days.)


Lin said...

I agree on the 1 December rule. Stick to your guns!

Oh and I confess to buying a 2$ christmas carols cd the other day. Also not to be mentioned to anyone who knows me and my total disapproval of this kind of music that gets repeated ad nauseum every single year.

Good luck with the preparations!

Anonymous said...

I refuse to put anything up inside until a week before Christmas. Being in a colder zone I have to throw up my few decorations before it freezes.

I no longer put up a tree seeing as I got little help putting it up and no help taking it down.

Now I decorate in a simple fashion that makes ME happy. It helps living in an adult only household.

When do you declare Christmas official over?

jeanie said...

As soon as possible, Elizabeth? lol - growing up, the rule was always that they had to be away for the new year to come in.

Lin - your secret is safe with me!

Brissiemum2 said...

Rofl! Yes, it is all a bit OTT, isn't it!

I actually start buying Xmas pressies in the January sales so I can't say that I stick to the 1 Dec rule. I do make sure that not a decoration goes up till then though.

Oh and you forgot to mention how certain children ask for santa to give them Xmas pressies that every store in the state has sold out of you end up paying megabucks for it to have it sent from elsewhere. That has happened to me in the past!

And pmsl @ the pressies in the budget thing! My hand is up here....guilty!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I put Christmas away on January 1st.

Know what I hate......when all the holiday Chocolates are gone and I can't figure out a good excuse to fill the house with more. *laugh*

jeanie said...

Ahh - isn't it such a pleasure that Easter is so close by then though, Elizabeth! Actually, come visit my parents - they still have Christmas chocolates from last century!

The bit I hate, BM2, is seeing all those overinflated must have presents on sale the week after for half the cost.