Monday, July 06, 2009

My beating heart

Thank you all for your kind comments from my last post.

And before I forget, it is not because of Curly that I wasn't blogging about it, but because of my super-sensitivity to not knowingly rub anyone's noses into my seemingly good fortune.

I have actually said to Curly that I would take some of it off her hands were I able, and that is not just because I am altruistic.

You see, while there have been the occasional flutters and definite stretchings, I have an overactive imagination which, combined with a not currently overactive child and lack of proximity to my usual surrounds and doctor over the last week ended up with me freaking out on myself.

I had a dream just before going to my sister's that the baby had disappeared.

That coincided with my belly suddenly seeming like a larger proportion of fat than untum, the movements going from occasional pokes and kicks to just a wierd pushing in the top left corner and sleeping - or not sleeping - in a strange bed with fluffy pillows.

Who has fluffy pillows?

I am of the brick persuasion of pillow lovers, and once I awoke for my midnight wee could not get back to sleep any night I was at Granite Glen - I would love to blame the pillows but really, gnawing on the worry was a cyclical insomniacal trigger.

By yesterday when V brought us home, I was pretty well beside myself, and so went to the hospital just to check so I could hopefully sleep again.

Thankfully they were extremely understanding (having some experience of the hysteria of worrying mothers) and found a lovely strong heartbeat.

And do you know the little beggar has been kicking like crazy since then.

Never been a big fan of hide and seek.


traceelements said...

Now I know you two have a fantastic sibling relationship. I couldn't get away with saying anything about the pillows at my sister's place. (Which reminds me, next weekend we have five nights at my parents' house, and the supplied pillows there are well and truly bricks. Perhaps I should smuggle them out of the house and send them to you!

As for the other, can so totally relate to freaking out with your pregnancy. As long as someone takes you seriously, then it's ok.
(How many weeks are you now?)

Alison said...

and sleep well :-)

jeanie said...

Oh no, Trace, I am just preparing to duck from the mattress we offer here comments that will come from that quarter! Oh, and 17 weeksish.

Thank you Al - and I did.

Mary Paddock said...

I remember that! :) It's great that they were willing to check for you.

I don't know about you but I dream a lot when I'm pregnant--vividly and strangely--and many of them about the pregnancy and child.

Leenie said...

Wacked out hormones--aaaack. They get you worst at puberty, pregnancy and going over the hill. Kinda takes the fun out of those great parts of your life. Sweet dreams (yeah right) and best wishes to both of you.

Melody said...

Know what you mean.

I don't have that problem. I have an over-active baby that does. not. stop. moving. (it seems!) I cannot remember Monet being like this. (9 weeks to go!)

tiff said...

Very happy to hear that all is going well.

Hugs. That heart beat is amazing, isn't it?

Bush Babe said...

Ah HA!!! I knew there was a perfectly good reason my tupperware drawer has been organised to within an inch of it's life. It's because of the pillows. Silly me.
Hugs, you crazy hormone ridden wench.. hope you enjoyed your little 'bush holiday'...

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

(hugs) the anxiety is normal and just as heart wrenching as anything you can imagine.

I take my own pillow everywhere even to hospital I know where you are coming from.

I was so glad of all the kicks and prods.

Jayne said...

Perfectly understandable, Jeanie, now go eat your 2 days worth of chocolate to celebrate that footballer you've got !

M+B said...

Hugs to you! Maybe the baby didn't like that you didn't like the pillows!!!

Ree said...

yay for strong heartbeats AND strong kicks. A rugby player in the making?

(And I am a fan of brick pillows, too. My favorite EVER was the one my dad had for his broken leg. I wish I still had that pillow.)

Debby said...

I actually am a fan of fluffy pillows, but using two under my head and wrapping around the third one if Tim's not around to wrap around.

*blinks eyes in confusion*

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a fluufy pillower. But now I know where to put those bricks I thought were just 'failed' pillows! Barb

Woman in a Window said...

Oh, the hide and seek is painful. The little beggars keep us up with their kickings, and then up some more when they don't.

Hang in there. Ony a couple more years before you get to sleep again. (sorry, heh heh.)

Mama Zen said...

Oh, I've been there!

Now, get some sleep.

I'm Julie said...

Jeanie Jeanie!!

I have been MIA in the blog world for ages, and just checked in this morning after months. SOOOOO happy to hear your excellent, wonderful news!! Congrats to you and your lovely family, I am thrilled for you!

Blessings to you! Go eat some chocolate - you deserve it!

Lin said...

Oh yes, pregnant women are NEVER satisfied, are they? Worried when the baby's not kicking, then complaining when it won't stop kicking.

I do so vividly remember that immense relief when you hear that hartbeat. THE most beautiful sound in the universe.

Hope bub will kick just enough to reassure you, but not that constant that you cannot concentrate on anything else. :)