Sunday, July 26, 2009

Polishing the silver

halo here today.

I WAS going to get a hair colour (and the various bits and bobs that had been overlooked on the grocery list) today.

We WERE going to mow the lawn.

I WAS going to fix up the vege patch a little.

I EVEN thought about cleaning the house.

Yes, I am laughing on that last one too. Amazing dreams you have when pregnant.

V woke up with an incredibly fogged head, stomach of quicksand, blocked nose and a bark that screamed "quarantine". Scratch mowing*.

The rather uninformative missive we received from the council on Thursday about something to do with not parking our cars at the side of the road this weekend came to fruition, and all vehicles are now housebound due to new bitumen (on the thin strip of road 4 feet out from the gutter). Scratch dyeing**.

I did get the vege garden fixed up, and tonight we are having fresh spinach and beetroot with our dinner - and if all goes well, will have onions coming out of our assets in a month or so.

I figure four loads of washing (and associated pegging***, unpegging, folding and asking family to put away) PLUS whipping 'Salina to tidy her desk**** is my contribution toward the smooth running of the palace for today.

* Yes, I know I COULD do the mowing, but
  1. V has slight OCD tendencies, which include swearing mightily doing battle with the whipper snipper before mowing - I don't have the necessary cussing repertoire to get the whipper snipper to bend to my will;
  2. V would love to be chivalrous and do it rather than his starting-to-look-on-the-pregnanter-side-of-over-weight wife, especially given the witness list of 14 council workers;
  3. We have to move V's vehicle to mow properly, and given the second excuse above that was not possible. A stretch, I know. And
  4. It looks like it is going to rain.

** Yes, I know I COULD cycle to the shops and get said dye, but one of the other items on the list is kitty litter, which conveniently comes in 3kg bags. That just tips it into the "too difficult to contemplate" basket.

*** How else am I to get that "looks like it is going to rain" to convert unless I put the whole wardrobe on the line?

****Courtesy of the magical powers of Harry Potter and the Bribery of Mothers.

And so instead, I am taking my day of rest seriously, communing with God and other bloggers.

How is your Sunday?


Alison said...

How is my Sunday...?
Well... I'd tell you if you signed up for twitter ;-) (Hi BB!)

Jeanie - you have a built in 'never have to lift a finger' clause for a whole nine months, and if you don't use it - who will???!!!

Enjoy your next few months of Sundays!

Debby said...


God has a blog?

These all sound like reasonable excuses to me. And you know what a fan I am of 'reasonable'.

Oh, and getting the laundry done is no small feat. I just got mine folded today. After three days of laying on the folding table in the basement next to the washer, it did make me wonder why I was bothering...that stuff was waaaaaaaay wrinkled, and it's probably permanent.

Debby said...

Oh, and Jeanie? I don't twitter. Confining myself to 140 charactors? Eeeeeh. I tried. I did. It just doesn't work for me. Not a 140 charactor kind of gal. Give me the wide open spaces...

Melody said...

My Sunday is still early. I've done washing, vacuuming, bit of spot cleaning. Now I have been sucked into playing 'shopping' with someone and my tummy has the hiccups.

Take it easy.

Sarah Lulu said...

Sunday ....has been pretty good thanks, went to the markets this morning, spent all afternoon writing work reports but they are done now and I can just relax ....bliss.

And you being preggo ..can get out of ANYTHING!

Mary Paddock said...

It's early here. We're headed to church this morning then off to see some old friends this afternoon.

I'd say you definitely have the "get out of jail free" card when it comes to getting out of mowing. Enjoy it while you can. :)

Mama Zen said...

Just communing with God and other bloggers, too!

Leenie said...

Sunday and still in my jammies.

Stay off that cycle whether it is bicycle or motorcyle. You are going to need to take your days off when you can get them. Heaven knows you won't have any for months and months after that sweet baby is born.

Bush Babe said...

Jeanie - I heartily look forward to :"onions coming out of our assets" in a couple of months. Can I take photos?

My Sunday was hectic and muscle-ache-inducing. Who knew I still had some?

Debby - that was hilarious... I read that line again and started giggling...

PS Alison - well done!! You prompting worked where mine could not... Jeanie is now all a-twitter!! See column to right...

MistressB said...

That sounds like a fair effort and reasonable reasons for not doing stuff for a sunday......... where is god's blog btw........ lol

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I hope you enjoyed your rest.
Your witty tales never fail to amus eme and I am so glad you signed up to twitter.
The comments are almost as funny as you.
Ps enjoy 'your pregnant' excuse.

Anonymous said...

Our Sunday was sunny and windy. But at least we are healthy! AND _ how good is it to see you on twitter? Yay :)

M+B said...

Our Sunday was full of study and a trip to the circus (well 15 mins of it as my mum read the time as 2pm instead of 12pm) ;)