Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Insomnia came flying in on a broomstick this morning...

It is an absolute howler here - I don't know how that bird outside is twittering above the whir of the shutters as the wind, fresh from the Pacific, slices through the house and any crack it can investigate is sought.

I can also hear the washing machine. No, I haven't already been up and done a load (it is still dark outside no matter WHAT Eddie says) but the ghost beeping I heard before bed last night that I was willing to blame on imprinted memory from the beeping the three times previous on the same load was apparently the real thing.

V is lucky, industrial deafness has cured him of the ability to get completely annoyed by this new trend of the washing machine. Me, on the other hand - it rattles my psyche and although I put on a veneer of bravado and assure him (and myself) that it is a drainage issue with the tubs, there is a part of me thinking of the sagas this machine and I have shared and shuddering at the possibilities.

This is why my washing never gets completely done, you know. A front-loader is wonderful for some really good reasons - less water, clean clothes - but the downside is the time factor. Add to that a few times requiring me to press the button to stop the beeping (assuming I am here and therefore able to respond in a timely manner) and the "coupla hours" for a load can well cover half a day (or more) - times the number of loads I am having to do anyway due to the backlog, it seems EVERY DAY is washing day around here.

After a rather interesting end to the weekend involving making my daughter cry and me using a curse word for effect during my lecture (up there with my fine mothering moments - sorry Mum) both 'Salina and I have agreed that we are going to try switching our brains on as much as possible during the day and see if we can develop a new habit.

Of course, my brain switching itself on at an early hour is an old habit that does not always have beneficial side effects... I have confidence that today will be different, and I intend to go for an all or nothing approach to each hour and each task.

Obviously I am also quite delusional (probably the lack of sleep) but what are your tricks to having your brain switched ON and making the most of your day?


Alison said...

Making the most of my day usually involves switching the part of my brain that concentrates on all the 'ideals' of perfection OFF lol.
Forget how you think it should be, or how far away you are from where you want to be, have a look at what is right now, and if you're anything like me - find a way to laugh (hysterically) about it.
Like 'washing day'.... Way to take the term literally!
OK... maybe not so funny.. but you get the drift (or the strong wind, as the case is in SEQ also), right?

Debby said...

Sorry, my friend, I can offer you no words of wisdom for this. My brain wanders 'off' frequently. I try to keep my wits about me but then...oooh...lookie...what's that...


Oh. Yeah. Got no help for you on this one.

Jayne said...

"Brain switched on"?
What is this of which you speak and how do I get my brain to do this, too?

Marita said...

Coffee? More Coffee? Another Coffee?... oh wait the doctor said I was drinking too much coffee and had to cut back, cancel that third coffee please :D

I hear you on the lengthy wash times on front loading machines. Our LG has a 'time save' option but it just doesn't seem to wash as well. So I put a load on in the morning and use the 'delay start' option to put a load on the evening that starts at around 4am, so it is finished before I plan to put the morning load on to wash.

Then it is just a matter of me being around to either hang stuff out or put the tumble drier on and then at some point remember to retrieve it, fold and put away. Ironing is husbands problem thank god :D

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I was awake about this time ... hope you get a great sleep tonight.

My front loader is the same ...so annoyingly slow.


Well well. Who knew? I thought the front loader would be a good idea to add to my updated appliance wish list.