Monday, January 31, 2011

An inmate is in charge of the asylum at Ten (yes, another Outrageous Fortune rant)

I think the head of programming at Network Ten is a psychopath (either that, or the minion in charge of placement of my favourite program is!).

After 4 series of stuffing us around (See here for the backstory), (Series 1 was stuffed around by another Network), we are in the home stretch of the final series.

We thought the Network couldn't stuff us around any more.

We were wrong.

They lulled us into a false sense of complacency by putting it on regularly on a Monday evening for several weeks in a row. Then they took it off the air - rumours were that they were keeping it for the ratings period, and so we wouldn't see it during the December/Janury holidays.

Then they put a double episode on Christmas night.

The week between Christmas and New Year, they scheduled it every single night - and showed it.

The week after New Year, they scheduled it every single night - and didn't show it.

The next week they didn't schedule it. Last week they scheduled it for two nights - and showed it once.

There are people who look forward to this bit of sunshine in their viewing calendar, and who valiantly stay up until the 10.30 timeslot they believe it warrants only to find they were just jerking us around - again.

And last Friday, after again believing it might be possible they again kyboshed our wishes - and I realised.

There is someone in Ten who is messing with our minds.

Allegedly it is on again on Friday - but that is no guarantee.

My life is work and volunteering and being a mum and more work and occasional online relaxtion options - obviously not much blogging in front of the computers these days - and I really like my fix of Outrageous when I am promised such treats.

I think it cruel that they keep toying with me.

I even rang them and spoke to Jess about the situation. Before she hung up on me, she told me the reason they put it on so late was due to the content (it is up there - but then, they have kid killing on all the cop shows at 8.30 and I find that far more revolting) and the few who watch are staunch supporters (we have to be) but too few to be any influence (possibly because of the way they are treated).

I am nearing the end of my tether with them - if they don't show it this Friday, I am going to bite the bullet and do something that I have never yet done.

I am going to buy the series before it is finished showing on the local station from overseas. I am going to make their asterix * that little bit smaller and I am going to increase the NZ GDP.

So there.

(* - international symbol of negligible ratings)


Beet said...

here here!!

Ten are such p#*%ks when it comes to programming and I LOVE Outrageous Fortune. Yet they show rerun after freaking rerun of the simpsons and a heap of other crap all the damn time with no problems at all. *rolls eyes* Definitely screwing with our minds :|

Missy Boo said...

I Love Outrageous Fortune too. I usually do my ironing when it's on! I currently have an overflowing ironing basket waiting for a viewing!

Jayne said...

I LOVE that show but it's got to the stage where we believe it when we see it...or accidentally trip over it as the hubby is channel surfing.

Debby said...

I wish I had a smaller asterix. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

How outrageous! ;)