Friday, April 08, 2011

Giggle to share

Sometimes you find mirth in the most mysterious places.

Today, I had to do the banking for work - it began to bucket down not 20 seconds before I got there - but that isn't the funny part, that is setting the scene.

So anyhow, drenched and I am racing around town doing the jobs that must get done before I head for home.

Fuel into the car - tick (a very important tick given the recent history)

Great deal on mince from the butcher's - tick (a very mincy week approaching, family - got a really great deal)

Witchcraft and medicines from the cut price pharmacy - tick

On the way to the fishmonger - my last "to do" on the list, I was listening to the local radio station.

There is a story on it about Black Caviar.

Apparently, Black Caviar is Officially the World’s Best Horse - which I think is covering quite a bit of territory, quite quietly (hey Violet) - but anyhow, that is how she is being touted.

The man being interviewed on the radio was quite adamant.

"She is not just the best mare in the world, she is not just the best horse in Australia, she is not even just the best sprinter - she is the Best Horse in the World!!" he exalted. "She is the Best Horse in the World as voted by her peers!!"

I think he might have overstepped on that last remark.

Anyone else now got the image of hooves being pushed on buttons worldwide stuck in their minds?


Anonymous said...

Bwahaha - so that's one stamp for the aye's and two for the neighhhhhs.

jeanie said...

Gotta pay that!!!

BB said...

ROFL... oh dear. Oh DEAR, oh dear, oh dear! Priceless really.

What would one call such a gathering of opinion?

A Gallop Poll perhaps?

Okay, who's next?

Leenie said...

Can't question the gallop poll, that's for sure. Heh! Who's horsin' around with the voting? That's the mane question.

Debby said...

As usual, the results of these things can be greatly skewed by the wording of the question. In this case, the question was posed. "Is there any horse greater than this one?" And the answer came back each time. "Neigh."

Sorry. It was BB who started this...

jeanie said...

Just to let you know, another field of horses "voted" her the best yesterday - she is now 12 wins from 12 starts.

Many punters were "hoarse" after the race.

Very, very weak, I know.

BB said...

Tee hee... she really is a WIN-ey kind of filly then?
Over and out!