Monday, April 04, 2011

Going Bananas

Last week, we thought it must be getting close to when we should contemplate harvesting the bananas.

It rained.

On Saturday, we noticed it was about time to harvest the bananas.

It rained.

On Sunday, we googled how to harvest the bananas.

It rained.

On Monday - there was sunshine. There was a pruning saw and much activity. There was sticky, sticky sap, hungry, hungry ants and fat, over-fat bananas.

All those too ripe, we left as fertiliser.

All those ripe but split, we processed and put into the freezer.

All those ripe but not split, we put in the fruit bowl and gave to the neighbours.

All those not quite ripe we have put into reserve and are distributing to workmates, childcare and friends.

At a price of $11.95 kg currently, we have worked out we are incredibly banana rich.

And do you know what?

Personally, I hate bananas.


Debby said...


I did not know that you could freeze bananas. That is an incredibly helpful tip here.

Our bananas are about .79 per pound. If I lived in Australia, I would not be eating bananas.

Our new house has three producing apple trees in the back yard. The first chance I get, I'm going to plant blueberry bushes and make an asparagus bed.

BB said...

Oh Jeanie... I KNOW where you are coming from. Bananas are just one of those things that you CANNOT force yourself to like. I wish I ate them. But they make me want to barf! I wish I was closer to grab some of that puree though - gold for smoothies in this house!
PS I tweeted this - had to share!

Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love bananas and eat one every day does my 82 year old Mum. Because of the cyclones ...we are (ok me I'm buying hers too) spending a FORTUNE ... eating our favourite fruit.

Melody said...

Awesome! Bananas in my corner of the world are imported from Indonesia mainly and cost a whole $1.50 a kilo usually. MissL has a banana a day - bet your little Paris does too.

Debby said...

What about banana bread? Do you make banana bread?

Anonymous said...

Yes we make banana bread here but my daughters can pick it no matter how I disguise it. Some people have no finer taste though! But with bananas $8-12 per kilo (that's 2.2lbs for those who don't have to do the conversion mentally every time you go to the grocers - so you can work that one out - my brain has done enough)
If I lived closer to Paradise I would be making banana bread but at that price it would be too big a luxury. Barb

jeanie said...

Okay Deb - when is the blueberry harvest because WE ARE THERE!!!

Bush Babe (and Barb) - if frozen bananas travel, you shall share in some of the riches.

Sarah Lulu - I gave some to various people here with you and your mum in mind.

Melody - Paris gets to have a few more than 1 a day while we have the glut!!

Debby - 'Salina is a dab hand on the baking, she will have to get a recipe.

Barb - want to share the recipe with 'Salina?

Debby said...

We've got an established blueberry plot. The bushes are large, and we have early berries as well as the late ones. Harvest ranges from mid July to September. I'll be waiting.

My wv is hooter. Hmmm.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I like bananas but not ripe ones.
I'd bake banana bread whenh overripe ones.
They are like GOLD now.

We have an abundance of olives - my brother in law has taken 2 bag fulls away to do something with ...lengthy and time consuming. He has promised me 1 jar :) - they might be good on pizza one day !