Monday, November 12, 2012

Everyone is a critic

Including the spammers, it seems.

Ever since I have been compelled to lose my chastity belt, Anonymous has been my number one commenter.

Do you know that Anonymous doesn't work on a Sunday?  True!  I get 10-12 spam comments every day bar Sunday.  Obviously that is their day to repent.

Anyhow, I have been keeping a file of the interesting ones, because some of them certain could teach me a thing or two about segues and stream-of-consciousness.

Here are a few prize entries:

One of the earliest icons to have adopted the Barbour Jacket was Steve McQueen who is the peak of Hollywood royalty, his name has even been put to his own range of jackets by Barbour which are replicas of Jackets he wore through out his life.
See, I didn't know that! The things I (and indeed all of my readers and commenters) could learn were I not so heavy on the "Mark as Spam" key.
Consequently, the woman attempted to avoid the paparazzi by means of revealing the woman with child stomach together with your ex Herms bag. Males and girls started out explore why she succeeded and also the tasteful purse grew to become a symbol relating to Marilyn Monroe. From then on, it's got been recognized as the Bag Despite the fact that, there isn an absence involved with on the internet web pages or stores that occur to get advertising and marketing these purses and purses, nevertheless it actually is well-advised they make an acquisition by certified also to standard retailers.
They know me so well, these spammers, to refer to the woman with child stomach and avoidance of paparazzi...
In case you are retaining reside plants within your aquarium inside the lights wants will probably be a tiny bit unique than in the event your aquarium is often a fish only aquarium. You could possibly have recognized any time you have formerly place vegetation within the tank that they really don't previous extensive in any respect. Probably you assumed that aquarium vegetation which might be short-lived? But, in fact, aquarium vegetation should really dwell just as extensive as property plants the condition is the fact the majority of people will not supply them together with the correct style of lights Within the aquarium.
Or not - perhaps they read the Tale of Miss Jeanie and the Bad Fish and decided to pass judgement on how well I maintained their environs...
Don't finish by saying, "thank you," as if they are performing you a favor. You might be undertaking them a favor.
But alas, I am not performing them the favour of publishing their comment, thereby ensuring that the lovely louis vuitton links will never get to my real people. I hope that you don't mind...


BUSH BABE said...

Clearly they don't have spell and grammar check! LOL.

Move to wordpress - seems to be way less spam getting through there.

Or perhaps you enjoy the entertainment too much here @ blogger!

BUSH BABE said...
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jeanie said...

ha ha - anonymous did have number one position, but his BROTHER recommended him to me, so that is okay, isn't it?

Nah - he gone.

Debby said...

Anonymous is my number one commenter too. Except that sometimes your mother or an old friend will use the anonymous moniker just to confuse me. Except that I am already confused by reading anonymous posts. Those things generally don't make sense a'tall.

Anonymous said...

I don't seem to get anonymous over on WP, but I do get my fair share of spammers. Fortunately they can't get through the filter but I do marvel at their attempts - very amusing!

Pearl said...

Ahh. This makes me miss my stalker, a man from British Columbia who wanted to talk to me about SPIRO AGNEW and CALIFORNIA and other oddly capitalized nonsense.