Monday, December 03, 2012

A post in which my artistic side gets a look

and fails miserably.

I have a sister who is a photographer.  I have a sister-in-law who is a photographer.  I have an aunt who is a photographer.  My mother can paint.  My brother can carve.

I can rhyme or unrhyme, I can cook and I can compute.  But that whole visual artistic malarkey - FAIL.

Tonight I cooked shortbread.  It smells divine.  Going by last year's batches, I can do shortbread.  Just not prettily.

Ah well. V gave it the thumbs up.


BB said...

If I thought you REALLY wanted help taking food photos, I'd send you here:

But I know you don't.

Instead I'll just say take the photos in light near the window...

Oh... and YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay said...

The shortbread looks pretty tasty to me - must go and make some!

Debby said...

If you ever read about all the stuff that goes into photographing a slice of cake, you'd simply give up the photography part and just eat the thing, and never give it a second thought.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I can't take a picture to save myself. Always out of focus.

My kids, husband and father are all artists.

I make up for it with AWESOME. As do you.

Nommmm nommm nommm

jeanie said...

Bush Babe - you are right. I looked at the link. Will need to (1) buy a camera that has the ability to non-flash when non-flash is called for; (2) create a new window; (3) get a counter top that is (a) big enough for elbows without (b) banging head on overhead cupboard; (4) see excuse 1; (5) invest in a post-photography program; (6) see 5; (7) see 1 and 3; and (8)hey - I can do 8. And because 8 is the main game, I will generally have eaten all before contemplating the first 7. But thanks - I will find a photographer I can cook for... hmmm, could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Jay - do so - I am making batch number 2 today, and going to use my daughter as a stand in photographer to see is she can do more justice.

Debby - I believe that there is hairspray in many food photographs - but never in my food!!!

Kelly - you do indeed do awesome rather - well, awesomely.

Today I am doing more cooking. I have cleverly combined this with the start of school holidays/a moritoriam on the iPad, so perhaps there will be photos - otherwise I will just make it up. As you do.