Friday, August 23, 2013

Home is...

I was yarning about some of the places I have lived to V the other night.

It got me thinking...

When I was a child, I lived with my family at Granite Glen (1)

Until I went to boarding school, but I still got to go "home" to my family on holidays (2)

And then I went to uni, where after a stint at a res hall, I lived at my Grandma's and then in share houses on both sides of the Bridge in Brisbane(6)

When I moved to Sydney, and lived in the Inner West - share-housing in Leichhardt, Birchgrove, Balmain, Chippendale, Glebe, Chippendale and Petersham - as well as house-sitting at a friend's place in Erskinville and a stint with my extended family in the Northern Suburbs(15)

Then I moved back to my family for a year, although I did get lured back to Sydney for a bit in Stanmore with a friend (16)

Then I tried travelling - ha! - and ended up in Melbourne, where I inadvertently settled for a year in three different addresses - twice with friends, one a share-house(19)

Once I realised I am just not built for travelling, I moved back to Brisbane where I lived with my sister on the Northside, a share-house and then with 'Salina's Dad in suburbs near to West End, without him in the area and then in a secret location far away and then East Brisbane with an ever changing cast of characters(25)

And here I am, at my 26th address - and I have now been here for nearly exactly 7 years - the longest I have been ANYWHERE since I was a child.

(and as an addendum, I have lived with - not counting double-ups, boarding school or res -  52 people, blood related to 7 and familially - or is that famililili? - related to 13)

How many addresses have you had?


Kelly said...

Wow! That's a lot of addresses (and a lot of folks)!

I feel certain I know exactly where I was conceived (does that count?) and was born 11 days after my family moved into a new house. I lived there 17 years. Then two years in the dorm at one college followed by three years in an apt. at a university. With an aunt very briefly upon graduation, then a house of my own. My husband and I built the house we currently live in 27 years ago this fall. So.....not counting holidays while in school (parents had both died and home sold, so I bounced between siblings and other relatives when not in school) or the conception/in utero house, that tallies up to only 6 places! (and I'm in my mid 50s).

Debby said...

20. I have had 20 addresses. Thank goodness. I had run out of digits to count on.

Debby said...

20 + 2 more. Dang you Jeanie! Giving me something to ponder when I'm trying to fall asleep.

Vanessa Beattie said...

Wow! I thought I had moved around a bit. Not as much as you though.

1. Birth place - New York City
2. My nanna's place in Church Point
3. Our first family home in Newtown, NSW
4. Our second family home in Newtown, NSW
5. Boarding school for year 11 in Kew, Vic
6. Our first family home in Melbourne was in East Melbourne
7. Second home was in Tookak
Back to our second home in Newtown
8. First time living out of home - Surry Hills, NSW
9. Long house sitting in Coogee
Back to family home in Newtown
10. Back to Melb with b/friend - Essendon
11. Back in with parents who'd moved to Millers Point, NSW (where we are now)
12. Bondi with mates
13. Rozelle with sister
14. Briefly with boyfriend in Clovelly
15. 1st place in Battersea, London
16. 2nd place in Battersea, London
17. Shoreditch, London
18. Back home to Millers Point, Sydney
19. three months in Mosman c/of the psych hospital
20. Boarding house in Stanmore
21. Share house in Marrickville
22. First time living alone in Earlwood
23. Back home with mum and dad in Millers Point

Whoa! I've never counted it up before. I'm pretty settled here now. Living in this awesome apartment is the one thing I can always count on. It is my haven, my refuge. I love it.


jeanie said...

Kelly - that is okay - I know people who have lived their whole lives in one town.

Debby - it does that - I had to rewrite a few numbers as I remembered another.

V - not far from 26, but having found "the one" apartment I think that is awesome.

BUSH BABE said...

Ha! I have done this with you before and cannot recall who won last time... does anyone feel sorry for our mother who had ALL those addresses and phone numbers to remember??

I might have to do a reply blog I think - too weary tonight to count!