Friday, March 16, 2007


My week:
  • Recover from weekend, feel sick as a dog and swimming lessons on Monday.
  • Recover from feeling sick as a dog, rearrange 1/2 of house, do errands, volunteer at Girl Guides, be hostess for brother/sil and 3 kids on Tuesday.
  • Recover from visitors, chase work and invoices.
  • Volunteer at school, meet with sister in town for coffee, meet with girls in town for lunch, find prospective job and apply, have interview with job placement agency about course last week and go for a long cycle with daughter on Thursday.
  • Tuck shop lady at school, organise a job interview for Monday, organise freelance potentials and followups, courier for parcel collection for my brother and (separately) my sister and go for a long cycle with daughter today.

To do between now and leaving house tomorrow morning: pack for weekend, tidy living room/front room/bedrooms (don't want to leave it ALL for Jean), compost, washing up, wash floors (eggs broke on kitchen floor this morning and have not had a chance today), bath for my princess, chop meat for the cat, do a blog, colour my hair and, of course spend quality phone time with my long distance darling - second Friday without him about and pining horribly here (see him tomorrow though!!)

To do also tomorrow morning before leaving: reorganise car to fit all of siblings packages, port for weekend and daughter's bike, put throught the washing and put on inside lines, try and touch base with a friend, make cat feel loved, leave notes for cat feeding (and house ha ha) and see if I have anything for an 8.30 interview on Monday.

To do tomorrow morning before leaving town: buy sister-in-law a birthday gift, stress if gift I have for sister is enough, see if there is anything for an 8.30 interview on Monday, shoes that are comfortable, climatically suitable and suitably businesslike for abovementioned, sandals for daughter that may be comfortable, climatically suitable, meet with her desires and likely to not fall apart in 6 weeks and any last minute groceries that may be needed for the trip.

Then 200km drive West to my sisters 40th - a dinner party on the tennis courts for 30 people - I am the cous cous lady.

(There I also get to see my sweetie after 13 days and nights apart and spend one night in the quarters aka The Love Shack)

Then come back and maybe stress a bit more about a job interview, a quote I have to prepare, any other job prospects and what a slack housekeeper I am. I might even get around to my folding (ha ha ha ha)

Plenty to keep a girl busy!! (Now ticking off "do a blog" and, of course, "write list" - ah, the feeling of accomplishment!!)


shishyboo said...

whoa that's busy :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your life is as busy as mine at present. I just want time to sit and let everything slow down for a bit.

strauss said...

My, you are one busy chickie. Good luck for the job interview, although by now I expect it has been and gone. What was it for?

Scribbit said...

You're the cous cous lady and Jeana at Days to Come has been dubbed the lunchmeat lady. You two ought to get together :)

jeanie said...

Thanks all - got most of it done, although the floor washing fairy still hasn't visited - and the folding is currently in piles on my bed being added to.

The interview went quite well, but shan't know until later in the week if I score a 2nd interview or not - if I get it fine, if not, well, they have to move office twice in the next 6 months and I won't be missing that!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a busy woman. I thought I was busy with school and work and of course Jake. You took the cake on this one.

I wanted to say thanks for the comment on my last post. I appreciate the support and I loved Jennsters post.