Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blog Dreams

I have been having some amazingly vivid dreams at the moment.

There was the one where I went to visit my gay friend in Sydney and he introduced me to his new partner, who happened to be a woman with a child. When I was surprised he told me that it wasn't just about sex - he was still gay - but that he had found his soul mate in this woman. Later on in the dream another friend of mine was trying to hide the fact that she was smoking spaghetti strands!

One of my dreams of last week I went to a party that was in the middle of nowhere in a small group of weatherboard houses, and some sort of meeting was taking place in a large CWA type hall. After that we went outside and Cecily from "And I Wasted All that Birth Control" and Charlie, her real life husband from "It Ain't All Pizzas and Cream asked me to look after their little girl while they and a few others from my real life went into a meeting in another hall. Do I spend too much time here?

Last night, I was walking through a park with 'Salina (do you ever have the same places that are not real in your dreams - well, it was a park I often visit in my dreams) and I looked around and all these trees had just begun bring forth buds of cherry blossom in the most vivid colours, and we could stand there and watch them bloom. As I looked up into the lemon yellow sky (it was pretty psychadelic - you should have seen the shades of the grass) I thought to myself "I must blog about this".

Over the last few days I am trying to catch up on all the blogs that I missed by being rather busy during the holidays. Some have inspired. cRaZy tRacE: Collector.. or hoarder? It's a fine line made me laugh as I have the Moccona collection. Today I actually converted some into storage in the pantry - so reading blogs is in no way a waste of time if it sparks reactions of that calibre. And Muppinstuff's "Hang it Out" caused me to contemplate my development of OCD with the washing line - oh, and I am sure the additional rub off is that all clothes previously adorning one spare bed have now been put away or hung, and all the laundry (that the old girl had to swish around yesterday - grr) hung, dried and folded (okay, okay, not yet put away but its neat)...

Brilliant day here in Paradise. We did not cycle, as 'Salina now loves it so much it can be used as a punishment and she was pretty feral last night but wore it pretty well!

Saw my sister-in-law and the cousins today quickly for her to give us our late Easter present - a very large can! We have been missing our fix, as their family did visit us during a rather hectic period after they had holidayed and accidentally taken ours - and our emergency supply ran out last week! My brother did not attend today, as he was woodchopping at the Mt Perry Show.

We still don't have an oven, but I made a mean pot roast today in the crockpot. All the veges were subsequently mashed and V did his thing with the steamed greens and corn and my gravy was de-vine. 'Salina promised that she would eat all the veges - and did - wants them presented like that again soon - music to this mother's ears, as she is more the "5 fruit and 1/2 veg" a day variety of eater. Once I had V where I wanted him, I whispered sweet enticements into his ear about how my roasts are so much better out of an oven. He is now dreaming about that - I am now going to awaken him from that, as it IS Saturday night here, and they were such precious commodoties only weeks ago, we can't yet get complacent!


Tracey said...

Loved the clothesline link. I realised that that is the only household job I actually do like doing!

Milo!! I've stopped buying it because the girls go stupid with it. Like 6 tsps in a glass of milk. And then they just eat it off the top.

Thanks for the link! I'm glad to find another Moccona jar hoarder.