Thursday, April 05, 2007

Counting the Hours

Until my honey gets here... Right now he is on the road after a clean up of a lot of extra clutter that he suddenly discovered (isn't it always the way) so we are not going to be blessed with the few hours of child-free settling in today. But hey, we got years of that ahead of us. I have got the biggest grin on my face.

I have not used the hours unwisely, however. The houseproud amongst us (and my family) will be delighted to hear that I have actually vacuumed, washed, folded and generally tidied - and am about to go and get provisions so we can actually eat something for dinner (and other meals) over the next few days.

While I was being amazing hausfrau, I had the tv going - what an eyeopener daytime television is!

Dr Phil had a mother on who had (to use polite terms) an anger management problem with her five children. It made me very, very thankful that I have only the one child, and that that level of abuse has been avoided by learning a few techniques. I can get upset and angry over the small things - or at least once upon a time I did - but I think having a child mellowed me to not sweat the small stuff. And there is nothing like seeing a worst case scenario to make you count your own blessings.

Then there was Wife Swap. These people obviously apply to go on the television program, I am assuming - but I wonder why? Although, the sucker in me did cry at the end when the partnerships all realised how good they had it (and they did all learn something from the other). But then, I cry at ads sometimes, too.

Right now, however, I am doing no applications to anything, television shows or otherwise, that means V and I are going to spend any lengthy amounts of time apart. Last night his phone had been cut off prematurely (thanks, Telstra) and so we were reduced to 10 minute incremental phone calls. Certainly ruined a part of our Wednesday evening rituals. When I first moved to Paradise, I was several weeks phone and internet free and it was both costly and sucked big time. We often overran our 10 minutes - last night we finally worked out how to achieve this - handy technique now we will not need it again (for at least a long, long time).

Have a Happy Easter everyone. I know that we will - we have planned on doing nothing except enjoy the holidays together as a little family, with cycling, beach visits and adventures as they come upon us. And hey - no more goodbyes at the end of the timespan. Blessings indeed!


Anonymous said...

Well you have a great time you hear? And enjoy having your 'V' co-habitating. I'm sure you will.

Tracey said...

No more goodbyes!! That is a wonderful thing.

strauss said...

I am excited for you and V.
Have a great Easter won't you.
Those wife swap shows are so extreme. Can't watch them myself.

shishyboo said...

sounds good, Happy Easter!