Friday, April 27, 2007

The View from Here

Okay, I may not have reached the zenith aspirationally speaking in terms of the pit to my right, but we have moved from Nadir - and (drumroll please):

I have found the piece of paper!!!!

Thats right, my phone message has been left on Beverley's desk by Donna (I know them so well) at the fixit station where my hopes of clean laundry can be realised, so I may be only a verse or two away from clean clothes happiness again!!

Add to that the fact that someone rode with her daughter to school today, was entrusted with the secret project for the kids to present to the mothers on Mother's Day (cause the same muggins is going to supervise children individually next week on the project) AND has cleared away the detrious of the 25% job I did on the black hole so that only a few neat stacks under furniture give away that any attempt was made on its monstrousness at all!!!

So what to the of loads of laundry, washing up and floor cleaning required. Bah humbug to the work crew devastating trees and tearing up dirt across the road putting pipes in (for the last few days and possibly the next few weeks). I have achieved and nothing can take away from the high of that!


Tracey said...

Yee ha!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Fan-bloody-tastic! I'm having a drink in celebration just for you (ok, and cause I want to) right now.