Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brand New Day

and you gotta be happy about that.

I thought I was all set to blog last night - I was inspired, my medication was fooling me into thinking I was Jeanie and I had a topic.

Then I started to write. Pure bloody drivel.

Oh, the introspective pain that was coughed up on this screen would have been enough to stop me reading my own blog, let alone the 3 of you.

I was at least wise enough to tiptoe away from my computer when I thought it wasn't looking and watch mindless tv instead.

But today - ahh, a brand new day. Head is not so fuzzy, antibiotics are kicking my lungs into producing less stuff all around and I actually moved forward on my life today.

Well - part of the moving forward I must give Bloglines thanks for - they were down all morning, so I actually filled in some forms that had been snarking on my desk for some time.

Do you know what that little "filled in some forms" means? It means that the 10 year nightmare that has been my goal to "sort out my superannuation" has finally be kicked!!! Woo hoo!!! I have actually managed to track down the 12 super funds that I got during my 20s working all over the shop and put them all in one place.

And I also went to the printer and collected brochures and business cards so I can start my massive (ha ha) direct marketing campaign to entice lots of local businesses to use my services, put money into my account and fuel other dreams!!

Oh, I so much like my life more in the glow of optimism than bathed in the pathos of pessimism, don't you?


Jen at Semantically driven said...

You've gotta be happy you've organised your super. Well done. And yes, it is much better to be optimistic than drown in pessimism. Glad you're feeling much better.