Friday, August 24, 2007

Hot Date This Afternoon

and no, its nothing to do with the fact that for the 5th day in a row V has been rained off and, due to some crazy interaction of the stars, there were actually enough helpers in the tuckshop today that my lurgy-infested soul was not required for all hours.

Although that would be a good idea - cough cough - except for this lurgy-infested soul knowing that, while it is good for many things, afternoon dalliances don't get the blog written. (And hey - 5th day in a row - V is presently snoring resting peacefully, saving himself for (the double-header of football action) tonight). **

No, as at 3.05pm this afternoon, I will be having a date with 'Salina, playing with her on her latest invention.

Presenting 'Salina's Super Game Board

Apparently there are hours of fun to be had here. Look at all those noughts and crosses fields she has put in for our first hour - and then there is dot-to-dot joy. I am not sure about the rest, but she spent hours creating this yesterday afternoon (while I was busy reading blogs creating healthy and nutritionally balanced delights), and we did express joy at her completed project (isn't "Oh, that's nice" enough) but she REALLY, REALLY, REALLY would like more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD (except a pony) to have me play with her with it this afternoon.

And I always go on dates when there is begging involved.

** Disclaimer - before he passed out, an offer of alternative entertainment was made.


Maude Lynn said...

Wow! That's pretty impressive! Don't envy you the game play, but impressive none the less.

Melody said...

Wow - I can see the time and effort she put into the game. Very, very impressive. (But I'm still glad it was you playing the game and not I, though I am sure my time will come!...)

Tee/Tracy said...

Such a creative kid. I remember making stuff like that when I was little, too :)