Saturday, December 08, 2007

I blame Network Ten - Seriously

Dear Programming Maestros at Channel Ten,

Forgive me, but I hold you responsible for not having had enough sleep last night.

You see, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, your Network bought an excellent New Zealand program called
Outrageous Fortune, and then proceeded to give it absolutely no support. I applauded you for showing more than 1/2 of an episode as the sods at Channel Nine reportedly did last year.

However, in subsequent weeks it appears that you have attempted to bury it at 10.30 at night, and then kept switching nights to fling off any viewers.

But I am far more savvy - I have lost programs before - I read the TV guide to see where they are going to dig it in this week. I applaud the fact you have moved it back to Friday nights, after trying to ruin my week by making me stay up late on Sundays - but can I make a few suggestions, Channel Ten (and I do hope someone in programming has a google alert on it)?

How about putting it on INSTEAD of some of the putzy programs you call Summer Programming at an earlier timeslot?

How about pushing it as the fantastic NZ comedic drama that it is, maybe promote it a little in like programs and let the punters know? There is so little choice at the moment. (Oh, added bonus - there are meant to be a few thousand kiwis lodging in this land - maybe they will automatically back it if you told them about it?)

Alternatively, how about keeping it to one time slot so I can try and build my life around a constant?

Your other option is to give me a DVD recorder / video recorder that works / whizz bang new hard-drive recorder so I can record it, PMSL at a more convenient time and continue to spread the gospel...

Of course, my subsequent sleeplessness was caused by my lack of Christmas planning angst, and my really early morning was due to one Eddie monster - but if you fix this one problem, I will work on the rest.

Thanks in advance.

Jeanie InParadise

PS - Oh - and bring back Life

PPS - if you want me to contact you direct, I am a woman of technology. Therefore, an electronic contact would be appreciated on your website - and not just a complaint form. That sends out the wrong message that you only want complaints. I am not complaining - just trying to help.

PPPS - if you want feedback through your forums, it would help if you made registration available.


Maude Lynn said...

I hate when the networks move my shows around!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I honestly don't think free to air networks care about what we viewers think. I think the bottom line for them is the dollar and they must make it come what may. To us ordinary folk it makes sense to have shows on at the same time each week or at least advertise changes well. You're right, there's so much summer tv shite on that it would make sense to have these quirky programs on earlier so people that value their sleep can get some.

Free to air networks - are you listening?

Lin said...

The show sounds intriguing. Unfortunately their website didn't really tell me much more. I'll try and record it now.