Monday, April 14, 2008

Go Fish

When I went fishing for V, I used lots of description about who I was and who I wanted to meet.

Under "Sport" I said: "I am a good one. Best at barracking and fantasty..."

Which is not a lie - I will happily give encouragement if required, but in terms of participating then I like things other than sport to physically challenge me.

And truth be told, there are avenues in life that are termed "Sport" that should not have that moniker. I will not name them here, because it will bring all sorts of jellyfish to my pond who will no doubt want to argue the finer points of their "sport" and while I think debating has merits, it falls into the "meh, can't be bothered unless I really care" category.

One of those murky areas is fishing. If there was a category on the internet dating site that I landed V on, my response would have been "great excuse to read a book" - and I probably would not have even had a nibble from him, let alone a tug on the line.

Because pre-Jeanie V had a hardened habit of keeping the rods in the back in case he ever had a spare half-hour to see what was biting (besides mosquitoes).

It doesn't bother me - as I said to him, if he is not home by 9pm he had better have some bloddy fish - not that that rule has ever been tested.

And it didn't bother me that he gave 'Salina a fishing rod of her own for Christmas. I think it wonderful that he wants to share an activity he enjoys with "the middle one" and that I might get a few hours of reading time at some point.

Of course, there have been a few weekends since Christmas, but for one reason and another the line was only attached this weekend, and Saturday afternoon one very eager 'Salina was casting across the back yard for practice. She caught several trees and a ginger cat!

Sunday we finally decided that the day had arrived. I packed snacks and books, 'Salina danced a jig and applied sunscreen while V tied hooks and prepared the bait box. Unfortunately he heeded my "oh, we can get some there" advice - but then, he should not have asked my opinion as to whether we should bait up in our local village or the smaller but fishier villages to the North.

We learned - Northernmost village has NOTHING open (except the international sugar transport shed - I need to take a picture some time for you) on a Sunday.

We also learned that Nextnorthern Village shuts most shops at 2pm - and we had aimed for 2.30pm. However, we did find one general store that sold everything from bait to health food to lollies. It was one of the only times we have ever left such an establishment without a plea for the latter - 'Salina was THAT excited.

The little cove that we chose for our initial foray into fishing was ideal for the purpose - so ideal, indeed, that every kid on their first fishing outing for miles around went there on Sunday! However, following the unwritten "personal fishing space" rule we still managed to get our little bit of sand and set up.

Lines baited, 'Salina and V both cast and waited for tugs. I found a comfy spot of sand and got my magazine out. My reading did not even get to start however, as V asked me to hold his rod for a moment or two.

Now, I know there are some traits that learned and some traits that are genetic, and I am not sure which one patience falls in to the category of - but either way, 'Salina is not the girl to understand "just sit there for 10 minutes" command - nor is her mother.

Luckily the fish were hungry, and we got many tugs - we were far busier feeding the fish our prawns than hooking them, however. V had an almost full-time job of baiting (he said he was a master) and lo and behold - I spent a whole afternoon fishing.

I stand before you today and even confess that I learned to cast!

Cost for the day: 1 bag frozen prawns, 1 sand worm, 3 hooks, 1 sinker.

Tally for the day: baby flathead (on the left - courtesy of 'Salina's line - he swam free after this shot) and baby bream (on the right - courtesy of V's my line - feisty little beggar, eh?

'Salina wants to go fishing all the time now. Me - well, I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, so I may tag along - so long as the baiter and line de-fisher
is available, because I do so shriek like a girl!


Tracey said...

Well, you're one up on fishing experiences compared to me then! (Though I have vague memories of having a go once or twice as a kid..) Sometimes I feel bad that our children have never really experienced fishing, just because their parents have no interest whatsoever in it.

debby said...

Tim and I have a clearly defined relationship. He hunts, he fishes. I do not, because I could not bear to kill something that was looking at me. So he kills the meat and I kill the vegetables. It's worked for 10 years now.

JaniceNW said...

I don't do fishing. I grew up with a fishing father and got enough experience in my younger years. I don't do full sun either as I've had one instance of basal cell carcinoma(skin cancer 15 years ago),my dad has had 6 skin cancers removed.

It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, had family time together and a good time. :)

Lin said...

I like 'the idea' of fishing. But mainly because I like eating fish and would enjoy not having to pay for that pleasure.

So I bought myself a fishing rod a few years back. And I haven't used it so far. The thought of having to get a fish of the hook makes me want to scream like a girl too.

Great that your experiment turned into an enjoyable family outing that is worth repeating.

Cathy said...

I have wonderful memories of fishing with my dad. Haven't been since I was a kid, but...

... my 5-year-old has been begging us to take her fishing, so I may find myself with a pole in hand soon!

The Brave said...

I have honestly never been fiishing. I never used to get why so many blokes liked it - especially when the wait was so long for the prize - if ever they were so lucky. But after some quiet contemplation on the issue and observing some old blokes witting on the docks one day, i realised the point of a lonesome fish - the solitude, elements and nature the ebb and flow of the tide and gentle rhythm of water lapping against a nearby surface - how totally medatative - I reckon I would love fishing if I gave it a go.

BEttina said...

Great job!!

I need convince hubby to take our kids (and me) more often

jeanie said...

Tracey - we never really had the fishing experience growing up - well, not the "cast a line and attempt to catch a fish" variety. There are stories in my childhood about midnight dinghy trips made by my dad and some friends and a bottle or two of rum, but nothing has been proven.

Debby - I get to kill the vegetables also, but I let V share my pleasures!

Janice - I live in "the sun cancer state" so we do the slip, slop, slap routine - well, routinely.

Lin - come and visit and I will share my baiter.

Cathy - it will result in one of two things - absolute joy and therefore repeats, or absolute boredom and no more nagging - win/win really.

strauss - the meditation factor is a bonus for me - of course, including a child takes away some of that, but the smiles at the tugs does tug and make it more worthwhile.

Bettina - there are strategies, I believe. You just need to bait the hook ;)

Melody said...

I like the thought of fishing but have never really done it myself (except maybe throwing a line over a pier when I was like 6). I do like eating fish but I prefer for someone else to catch and clean it and don't even think about bringing over to me with the head intact.