Friday, April 11, 2008

In which Ms Jeanie explores the mother-daughter bond

While at my sister's at the start of the week, 'Salina had shown a certain fractiousness at being dragged from pillar to post by her mother being the adored centre of the universe by two tribes of younger cousins life. I know, I didn't tell you about it, because I try not to highlight every sordid detail of my amazing parody at motherhood. Aren't I nice?

Anyway, enough about me. As I was saying, she got a little tetchy and wanted to go home. right. now. Unfortunately it was 9pm on a Tuesday evening, and I had not planned on acceding to her every wish leaving Gordon Ramsey in the f*ing lurch breaking up the sister time that I so rarely get to share with BushBabe, so instead I did a bit of a placatory "there there" (but with a little more spirit) and allowed her the ultimate luxury of sleeping in my bed (a treat she has so very rarely had in the last 2 years after a nightly midnight habit) and made her the ULTIMATE promise of a special Mummy-Daughter Friday where we could do whatever she wanted.

* Of course, I then deserted her the next morning (while she was mustering - hey, I am not a totally callous mother - I waited until she didn't have to watch) to return to Paradise, a paid job to finish, a romantic night to anticipate and, ultimately, a migraine to cherish.

So I totally missed her "really fast ride" while mustering. Apparently, Dad (the man with two man-made knees) had to hop off to get a gate with his little ringer holding the mob. The mob did not wish for that to be the case and thus caused a bit of anxiety, a fast ride for 'Salina and a quick get on for the old man.

I also totally missed her falling out of the truck (which is what happens when you think you have a step but don't). I didn't get to miss the screams as she realised that antiseptic does hurt, taking off a bandaid is painful and sometimes fixing takes more than a kiss. Oh, and nor did I miss the screams as she skinned it again this morning while doing gymnastics on the swing and failed to clinch the landing, realising that antiseptic does hurt (again), taking off a bandaid is painful (again) (especially when done by a child and slowly, as opposed to being ripped off by a loving adult) and sometimes fixing takes more than a kiss (again).


Well, when she arrived with Nana yesterday, she came bearing a cough, some sneezes, a sore throat and a raging headache and therefore all she wanted to do on her special Mummy-Daughter Friday was stay at home with Mum.

So we bonded today.

Rainbows and Hearts
We painted.

I washed, pegged and folded four loads of laundry (okay, truth be told I washed and pegged four loads, left two loads on the line but folded the remainder and the umpteen loads that had been left in the spare room for the last week - as we have Nana visiting, this is now a required option).

A Peaceful Place
We shifted furniture and detrius. I swept and washed floors that needed sweeping and washing and vacuumed floors that needed vacuuming. She rearranged her stuffed animals.

Giraffe House
We watched Ella Enchanted. I did Robin's Haiku challenge on Spring - a real challenge as its not spring and I don't haiku; Julie's Hump Day Hmm on Fate - I know, its not Wednesday but I argued in the affirmative; and thought about the Carnival of Australia. As I did none of this in front of the computer, it is staying firmly locked in my head and may never get out!

Ah yes - nothing like that mother bond that one gets with a child over doing the housework. I was taught by an expert and still have memories of the automatic response to "I'm bored" being a can of silvo and the good cutlery.

Speaking of mother's, mine is here again tonight which I do enjoy. More than she, possibly - she retired early when the TV was offering Gordon Ramsey yet again f*ing a kitchen. Fixing, I mean, fixing.

Tonight we have the footy on offer - a little less testosterone perhaps, but at least we can all yell at the same team umpire.

Oh - and there is always the washing up!


Alison said...

Oooh when I grow up, I want a house with multi coloured roofs and an orange slide like yours! I'm going to invent a non stinging antiseptic too, coz the current stuff is awful.
Sounds like a gorgeous day :)

Pencil Writer said...

Wild! Life is. Thanks for sharing. Love the paintings. Rich colors. Life is. Colorful. Taxing. Fun. Challenging. Have a fun, three-generational day. I do so enjoy those few that I get with my middle daughter and her daughter (and 2 sons)!

Mama Zen said...

Love the paintings!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Nothing like the mother child bond ey. And Gorden effing Ramsay. I was tearing my hear out the other night watching that show with Mr Denial.

Potty Mummy said...

When does this helping around the house start, by the way? Because I'm still waiting with my 4 year old (though he is a boy, which I admit, may take a little - well, a lot - longer).

Cathy said...

Great paintings!!

Melody said...

Loving the paintings!

Your poor babe - coming home not feeling too well. Don't cha hate that?? Does sound like a nice relaxing Friday night though.

jeanie said...

Thank you all for your critical view of our artwork LOL!

Alison - can't hardly wait until the non-stinging antiseptic comes out.

Pencil Writer - it is great when a few generations can gather together without it being a full on family brawl!

Jen - do you know washing up with my mother meant that I missed the resolution of that one?!

Potty Mommy - I am not sure - we have been trying for years, although I have a friend whose 2 year old is useful already.

Mama Zen, Cathy, Melody - stay tuned, you never know - coming to a gallery near you and you can bring out the "oh, we knew her when she was a bloggers daughter!"