Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sparkies, sparklies, tuck-shop sagas and school holidays

Bit of a mish-mash today.

Got woken early by my darling so nicely this morning. After he had ensured I was awake, he had something to announce.

"I turned on the downstairs light switch this morning and the switch went through the plate. We need an electrician."

Yes, good thing I was awake for that. Grumble grumble.

Do you know that most electricians - besides having a hefty price attached - are booked until next week, and the light is on?

Which reminds me, I had better pay the electricity bill. Because of address mix-ups and other shenanigans, I only got told about the final notice recently. Oops.

Although - if I don't pay the bill, the light won't stay on all weekend if I can't get a sparky here beforehand. Hmmm... Of course, the fact that the computers, fridges, freezers and most importantly fans won't work during that time probably precludes me from such manoeuvres...

Luckily, I found one who will be here late today. Could be very late today - or sometime in the next ten minutes. Its better than Wednesday next week, anyway.

Speaking of next week, I will be away for most of it (starting tomorrow) with family weddings to get to and visits to cousins and such.

It is the school holidays here from next week - 'Salina gets an early mark as we have to travel 5 hours to the wedding, which is being held tomorrow afternoon. Unless it rains, V won't accompany me due to work stuff. I suppose someone had better earn all this money we are spending on fripperies like electricians and electricity, let alone wedding gifts and fuel.

Oh, and have I mentioned the tuck-shop saga is (sort of) over? They have employed a lovely lady who I gladly handed over the reins to. Of course, they have not yet given her authorisation on accounts, so I am still needed for groceries and emergencies. And of course, all the volunteers failed to materialise for her as much as for me, so I get suckered in more often than I should. But yay, hey?

So yeah, pointless blathery post as I gird myself for organising a sudden influx of work I have just won - bound to coincide with the holidays, hey? But maybe, just maybe, it will help us get our heads out of the quagmire of week to week and get us ahead to - I don't know, a fortnight from now?

I will leave you with a beautiful picture of 'Salina, because my sister thinks I will need to fork out for counselling for her after yesterday's shot (or a good attorney when she commits matricide) (or a decent inheritance when she gets off the charges).


Brissiemum2 said...

Great shot of Salina!

And if someone, in a social context, says to me that they are an electrician or a plumber, then they automatically become my friend! Rofl! I have so much respect for them and you just never know when you might need one! ;)

And yay to the tuckshop semi-solution! Did I tell you that I did tuckshop duty for the 2nd time only a few weeks ago. Hint to self....when doing tuckshop at an all-boys high school and leaning over the counter to take their orders a lot....make sure you wear high neck-lined top! Whoops! *blush*

Alison said...

Sounds very mish-mash! Hope you have a wonderful road trip... Glad you've found another tuckshop person and fingers crossed the electrician materialises and forgets to add the 'because I can' surcharge!
LOL brissiemum, that mental image was too funny!

alice said...

Hope the break goes well and you all have a great time.

I live with an electrician, by the way....

Life. Complicated. said...

Cute picture! I am glad that the tuck shop has gotten officially taken over - what a relief that must be! I agree with brissiemum2 - any person who can provide a service to me - automatically becomes an acqaintence of sorts. Never know when something will be needed.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the time!

Anonymous said...

We are almost finishing our holidays and had the chance to catch up with lots of family and friends, having a great time. I hope you enjoy your trip too.

Brissimum2 that image is hilarious!

jeanie said...

brissiemum2 - I would love to befriend all tradies, but V (who is a tradie) has a problem with that! Unfortunately he is neither the sort that can fix the power or the plumbing. Oh - and I can assure you, you probably increased tuckshop profits with your plunging neckline - did the boys stand AS FAR BACK AS THEY COULD to allow more leverage?

alison - he came, he fixed, he charged!

alice - do you live anywhere near paradise, perchance? You lucky rich woman, you!

the palms - it is a relief (although she is nowhere near the schmick operator I was!)

planning queen - thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately without the Easter tack on, it will be a rush around do everything affair, but will try to fit in some quality time.

mommamia said...

Have a safe trip and try to have some fun. Glad you were able to get the electricity fixed before you left.

Maude Lynn said...

Salina is a beauty!

Tracey said...

Safe trip! Enjoy the wedding. Say hello to Bush Babe for me! ;) Good luck on the electrician... I hate it when stuff like that breaks and you are at the mercy of electricians, plumbers and the like. Yay for the tuck shop progress.

And cute kid!!

Pencil Writer said...

I always enjoy your posts and your sisters. What fun. What a calendar you must keep.

Do have great fun (and be safe on the road) with family/friends at the wedding and all attendant activities!

I'm afraid our electrician/plumber will retire before our need for him will expire. And he's got intelligence, honesty, integrity. How'd we ever get so lucky? We went through some really scary, not very intelligent or guys who were, shall we say, rather lacking in integrity, etc., etc.? Oh, the stories I could tell!

Have a great time.

Melody said...

Look at the look on Salina's face! What a cute looking cheeky girl you have.

Glad you've (kinda) handed over the reins to the tuckshop. your arms would appreciate that.

Bloody electricians. My FIL and BIL are both electricians - charge a fortune and are never on time. You have to book them weeks in advance it seems. ALWAYS busy.

shishyboo said...

safe travels and hope you have a lovely time :)

Julie Pippert said...

Glad the tuck shop saga is over!

Also...lights are not that hard to do, nor are outlets. Little manual, trip to DIY store...if I can, you can. :)

And gorgeous photo!!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say hi. You have a lovely daughter!

Jay said...

Oh goodness, that's quite a pickle, isn't it? I hope it's resolved by now, and that you could relax and enjoy your weekend.