Monday, July 28, 2008

Morning has broken

All across the weekend - mornings were grey skies accompanied by a bright-eyed beautiful girl bearing cups of tea or coffee in bed.

This morning - pink-tinged puffs of cloud haloing bright sunshine - and a little dark spirit grunts out of her bedroom.

Snarls greet my effusive good mornings.

Ah - don't need to be Nostrodamus to work out that its Monday - nor that I will be in REAL trouble in a few years!

Still coughing for Queensland, although I have orchestrated it that they are generally confined to a more discrete minute or two of discomfort rather than paroxysms attacking from any angle at any time - so I am getting better.

I know there is this theory that if I go to a doctor I might make a faster recovery, but (I am all but some days) I probably won't get in to see anyone anytime soon, I have an appointment next week anyway so if I am still sick she can cure me then, it will cost an arm and a leg and I will only get to the elbow back, they will tell me its just part of the virus and I should let it run its course - oh, and my mother left me some drugs and advice, and I am sure if I take them and follow that it will be just as effective.

Rain is wonderful - until it hits its second week and your partner is reliant on a dry weather job. We used to dream of rain days, where we could enjoy each other's company without the crimp of an eight-year old. But rain days aren't really like that at all. They are me trying to get work, do work, finish work or quote for work and V worrying, worrying, worrying about when the sun will return - and checking to see if he can get a wave.

Our back yard is almost ready for cropping - we have managed to combine the only sunny weekend in the last month with time away so it hasn't been attended to. We DID manage to use the hour that 'Salina was at a birthday party last weekend to get to the front yard, so the neighbourhood doesn't know how dire it is out there!

I am in fear of our next electricity bill. Drying the laundry has been the job of machines for the last little while - I have occasionally pegged in the faint hope that there will be enough dry hours to get a bit for free, but unfortunately that has either never happened OR I am not home in that magical window where the laundry is dry and waiting for the unpeg.

So I am sort of getting back on deck. Who knows - maybe I will even visit a blog or two in my breaks today.

Now - I have a daughter to harangue into getting ready for school and drive her there because she has a snowflakes chance of getting on the bus!

Edited to add - its amazing what happens when you add peer pressure! Girl Down the Road arrived to catch the bus with her - a rare occurrence as GDR is often at before school care - and a rocket was launched. With 20 seconds to spare, she had violin, lunch box and school bag packed, uniform on, hair brushed and a "bye mum" in passing. Of course, the tip that is her room (and the trail that was created this morning) remains - but I didn't have to drive.


Jayne said...

I think you've recruited me to cough for Victoria; well, yesterday anyway lol.
Speaking of tips...I thought I spied a long lost tribe of pygmy's in Feral Beasts room the other day!

Tracey said...

Stay away from me!! I've managed to avoid it so far, and I want to keep it that way. (God knows I've probably just jinxed myself now...)

My whole house is a tip, but noone's died from it yet, so there's that...

lightening said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hope you're feeling better soon. Wish you could send the rain our way. Although they are forecasting rain this week. It's STILL way below our average rainfall here. :(

Maude Lynn said...

Send me that rain! It's 104 degrees here!

Alison said...

Bleh - Hope you're finished your coughing competition soon. Will you get a chocolate medal, at least?
Nice work, Miss 'Salina. Nothing like a bit of "motivation" from friends.
Hope something motivates the rain to move along in a hurry.
And of course.. Welcome back :-)

MissyBoo said...

I'm in agreeance keep that lurgy to yourself. Seriously though I'm glad you're feeling more human.

I hope GDR drops in all week and gets 'Salina on the bus for you :)

Anonymous said...

And I am here, coughing for NSW.

Hope you are feeling better soon.'Must say thank you for that excellent comment you left on the last post! My mum and I were laughing at the imagery of 200 ham steaks and a really plump dog.

Anonymous said...

I had a giggle at your 'coughing for Queensland' comment.
It's so effing cold right now, I am shivering in rhythm.

Jay said...

It has rained like crazy here. It's barely felt like summer. I think possibly the seasons are evolving or something. I miss the old summers though, the ones without all the damp, the incessant humidity, the constant rain, and more lightning that we know what to do with!!

jeanie said...

Jayne - so long as the pygmys weren't hunting Feral Beast should be safe. Hope the cough is tamer.

Tracey - have held my breath whenever near you - I hope it worked.

Lightening - finally it has gone, so hopefully it is on its way down to you.

Mama Zen - if Lightening's pleas didn't work I hope that yours did. Thanks for sending us some sunshine.

Alison - vicks vapordrops medals, I think. Was today more gorgeous for you?

m+b - GDR has come in handy several times this week - as both incentive to get ready in the morning twice, but also as collateral bribery material.

tiff - got the eastern mainland covered, then? Ham steaks will be forever combined in my mind with you now, you know.

rhubarbwhine - we need a rhythm section, so thanks.

jay - you just described the Summers of old here - nothing like a great Queensland thunderstorm - a Canadian thunderstorm, however, is a curiosity.