Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday ALL day...

I had a very tight agenda this morning.

I have been at my sister's for the last few days. You may have not noticed the lack of posts, but no doubt you ALL noticed the lack of comments.

Not only is her connection tiresomely slow, but it slows down even more when we both go surfing very noticably.

Well, that and the fact that I was on a mission to do some serious cattlework - on the computer!

Well, that and that and the fact that 'Salina has moved up to be
Grandpa's number one jillaroo on one of his good horses and I had to spare a minute or two to be extremely proud.

Okay, all of those and the fact that I am about to relaunch my business with a windfall radio promotion that I have to do a bit of legwork on, create a website and get all my ducks in a row in the next week - which happens to also be school holidays.

Add to that the fact that my time out there coincided with a small soiree hosted by my sister (8 adults, 2 teenagers, 7 children) for the final State of Origin game on Wednesday night (that my boys won WITHOUT any housework help from me) and the small gathering (of 13 adults, 4 teenagers, 12 children) last night hosted by my sister - she doesn't do a bad job of gathering troops, feeding and entertaining! Of course, I failed in my major job of reminding her to take advantage of all the cousins and all the grandparents of her offspring being there to take photos...

I had to go to bed early (only beaten by the very young) as I had to be up early this morning, what with the schedule thing.

I was not intending it to be quite as early as it was however. My old mate insomnia visited from 1.30am, and hammered at me until I was beaten at 3.45am, got up and did a wrap up of my work and prepared our breakfast and lunch for the day and packed in the complete dark and freezing cold. 'Salina - extremely sleepy (she was one of the last ones standing) was in the car and we were off by 6.30am.

Just in time for the sunrise - right in our eyes - note to self - do NOT travel east at sunrise! 'Salina was NOT amused.

We had to be at the cattery by 9 - we made it by 10 minutes to collect Eddie. Apparently he had been very quiet all week - V has been working away so for Eddie's safety and our peace of mind he was boarded. Eddie made up for it with constant yowling for the 1/2 hour trip home!

I then dropped 'Salina to school vacation care, as I thought she would be more easily amused there while I did some work - although given her extreme state of tiredness due to candleburning, I am not sure she will appreciate the entertainment properly.

So now - to finish a few reports and make a few phone calls before my mind gets completely numb (already nearly there, eh?)

I hope everyone is enjoying July, and I will pop around to visit some time... It just may not be awfully soon!


Pencil Writer said...

I just love a weeks work of "to dos" on a one day list! Sounds a little like my own this week. Good luck with that load!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! You have so much to do! Good luck with it all!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Welcome home. I have missed your comments. Nice to have you back. :)

Debby said...

Welcome back. And might I suggest that, from the length of your to-do list, you might just need another vacation...

Jayne said...

Welcome back!
Get some sleep before you tackle that list!

Jayne said...
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jeanie said...

Its amazing how much you can get through when you list - although it goes a bit across this week.

Will try to get a few posts in, though!