Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kitchen in Paradise

I contemplated this when I read of Ree at My Life as a Hotfessional's Household demolition Improvements last week.

I gathered impetus when Kate at Picklebums posted her kitchen in response to a dare by someone I don't even know (called Rhubarb Rhubarb - as opposed to Rhubarb Whine). Is it rude to steal an idea on the blogosphere if you have never stumbled upon them before?

Of course it isn't.

It also assuages the guilt I feel for not yet following through with the pictures of the desecration calculated remodelling improvements to our backyard for a myriad of different reasons.

So now, to allow you all to feel better about yourselves, here in its unvarnished wonder, I give you - KITCHEN IN PARADISE...

Shall we begin at the back door - or rather, the main entrance to the house, because this is always the way we come up and in.

So the first thing you see is the fridge, the freezer, the water filter and the fruit bowl.

The water filter is magnificent and has saved us a dowry in not buying bottled water because the local tap water - horrid.

It has taken two years to acclimatise to having it in tea and coffee, and if weren't for the whole darned monthly thorough cleanse and daily refill it required, this water filter would be considered family.

What you don't see is the stockpot awaiting some real muscle to get the burned cabbage off the bottom. Its okay - we keep missing it too.

Now the sink - this is where I try to put on my best "om" when I emulate the latest in dishwashing gadgets. Of course, I often fail, but I think one day I will perfect the serene spiritualness required to wash up in an aura - either that or get a dishwasher. We are contemplating training 'Salina up for the role.

The bit that really trips me up the most is that whole concept that it is a four-step task - I rarely clear the old "dry and put away in a timely fashion" hurdle, and that is what I lay the blame on for not having the whole karmic kitchen experience.

We like to joke around that this is a bench. I know, we love to laugh.

But honestly - this particular piece of real estate is a much sought after commodity in this part of Paradise.

Sure, its yellow. But really, when combined with the chin height cupboards, the toaster, the kettle, the coffee machine and - on an inspired day - the toaster-grill, you have to raffle every square centimetre.

Oh - and can you see that beautiful ceramic bench stove disappearing to the right of the photo. My pride and joy - especially joyous when it replaced the previous version (for the full story of that, you will have to travel to Winter last year).

In fact, if you clicked that last link, you would know why it is there is something missing from this shot.

In fact, household renovations are up there with the discussions on organisational strategy for the wedding - I could either build up a little blood pressure and try to talk it out with my beloved OR I could accept the many benefits of such an arrangement (Well, actually, not really - apologies to V) smile at the beauty of not having to fight like a navvy to open that darned cupboard as much as every other cupboard in this kitchen requires. Apparently someone though "living by the beach" equated to "cabin catches" for all kitchen doors. Great for the abs.

Oh - by the way - this is the good bench for preparation, with only the microwave and knife block as full tenants. The food processor, the hand beaters (oh how I love thee), all chopping and decorating take place here!

Technically, this is not within the kitchen, but our stash of presents are yet to find their final homes. It has only been a fortnight, after all.

The problem with looking at all these goodies and thinking about where they should dwell is it leads into discussion about which wall we have to knock out, how to most efficiently take away valuable cupboard space to alleviate some of the stress with kitchen preparation (especially from "the best kitchen hand in the world" - a self-bestowed but not that far of the mark title) and where to put the electrical outlets.

But this is what makes it all worthwhile (well, except for the fantastic food that comes forth, if I do say so myself) - no, not the compost awaiting emptying nor the recycling bin, but the light - no longer tinted red, I realise, but still - Paradise just out of the window.

So come on - give us your kitchen in all its glory - and the only rule is you are not to specially tidy just for the shots.

And I have just realised - those curtains HAVE TO GO.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah love a kitchen with a view - I will sort of loose mine when we renovate, as I'll look out over the dining table and then to the view!

Debby said...

You will never see my kitchen 'in all it's glory'. It is small, it needs remodeled, it has an actual hole in the countertop that goes straight to the basement. A chimney used to be there. But the remodel will be extensive, costing us a bedroom, and we've never gotten around to it. We have these kids going to college. I have this husband really focused on setting up our future. Our house will never be finished. Ever. And really? It's not one of those things that bother me. Except that we have a brand new dishwasher in the basement. Tim bought it before he married me. Because he was going to remodel the kitchen.

Kari said...

My kitchen is really a bummer, you don't want to see. It is the teeniest, tiniest thing you ever did see. Apartment living stinks like that for kitchens great sized bedroom and living room but a stinky small kitchen. When I buy a home I'm making sure the kitchen is quite large.

MissyBoo said...

Your kitchen has made me feel a little better about my own!

Where you have the yellow to bring some brightness... mine is drab grey, and more drab grey!

I might take up your challenge during the week.

WV today is sluri

Anonymous said...

My kitchen has "new" 14 year-old cabinets, and there is a space where we still see the old ceiling before the drop ceiling went in. The doorway entrance has no trim, and one set of bottom pull-out cupboards won't open or stay closed very well.
But, as my husband says "fixing all of that will only take 10 minutes."
That was 3 years and 10 minutes ago.

megz_mum said...

I have a lovely kitchen - enough bench space and cupboards. But ... I am too embarrassed to show it without tidying first. Maybe I will have to pick a particularly unusual but very tidy day for this little challenge

David said...

ours is tiny, but I make it function at its highest level. I am forever re tunning and re organizing shelves and cupboards. It is a big project always

Maude Lynn said...

I want all of that light!

I'm Julie said...

Hmmm - interesting challenge. I think I will do something similar with my office. Not because I want to, but because I think the thought of that horror on the internet would be the only motivator for me to get it organized.


WV - womscep. That's what lives in my office.

Woman in a Window said...

My husband is a kitchen cabinet maker so my kitchen now is not so bad, although never finished. But when we first moved here the window was see through around the trim, there was a handy chipmunk entrance through the side wall and our kitchen pipes froze the first real cold day. SOLID. No water in the house anywhere. Any little improvement was a big improvement. Bits at a time.

Mary said...

Love that you have noice brown cupboards like mine and taps coming out of the teeny-tiled splashback like mine. That cute little piece of bench space is just so... cute! :D

Crazed Nitwit said...

Where is the automatic dishwasher? I refuse to live in ahouse w/o a dishwasher cuz we hide all the dirty dishes in there. Cool idea, huh?


Tracey said...

My kitchen is always a mess. Its only interesting feature is that it is so large. Unfortunately that doesn't translate to a lot of bench space, just a lot of unnecessary floor space. It's in line for renovation sometime ...


your two part oven? different functions?

I suppose I could take photos of mine and post them after hubby has the dishes done.

jeanie said...

katef - renovate - that is such a nice word. I assume the view through the dining room will be worthwhile.

Debby - so long as the hole doesn't bother - but really, does the dishwasher do much in the basement?

Kari - I have had some doozies of kitchens. There is nothing wrong with small - as long as it is well designed. Of course, both is a drag!

M+B - well, I suppose there are worse things than yellow. Can't wait to see your take.

Jane - another Rhubarb!!! I will have to investigate. Ah yes, the "10 minutes" well spent - or rather, saved.

megz_mum - I must admit, I didn't wait until it was in full mess glory to take the shots. We are currently in the "summer is here and we have to keep at a basic level" zone, IYKWIM!

Dave - I think if you ever run out of such projects we could always invite you for a holiday!

Mama Zen - it does make everything worthwhile. Having lived with dark kitchens, light is a blessing.

Julie - lol, there is no way I will do my office until it is tidier.

Woman in a Window - was the chipmonk access a seller? No project is ever finished if it is enjoyed.

Mary - earth colour work so well in kitchens, don't they?

Crazed Mom - I have a dishwasher - his name is V but he works only when I go on strike and he has to undertake kitchen hand duties.

Tracey - what a pity you don't get the bench/floor ratio. Unfortunately even with a decent b/f ratio, we get not much of either.

Elizabeth - the upper bit is the grill, which is very handy at times. Even if you get your washer upperer in before you shoot, its fun to see others.


Thought as much. I have a broil feature on my oven that only turns on the top burner so that would work the same way.

OK. I'll do it. I do need something new at my blog.

jeanie said...

That is the joy of this challenge, Elizabeth - its a dare, not a meme - so you don't need to feel you have to, but it is fun and you can pass it all around!

Debby said...

It does nothing. We don't have room for it in the kitchen. Have to remind you Jeanie. Tim and I have been married for nearly 11 years. The dishwasher has never been used. Truly sad part? He's had this dishwasher for probably a good 4 or 5 years before that. Allow me to say again: The dishwasher has NEVER been used. It's a brand new 15 year old appliance.

Anonymous said...

Even with all them windows, it still wouldn't be enough to get me to wash dishes :)

Anonymous said...

You've seen mine, in glory, on my reno blog. So I don't have to do it again. (smugness). I'll look at everyone elses, though.... :)