Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The view from the kitchen

at the moment is the poinsiana.

It casts a red glow across the room when the sunlight hits it right.

Now is the only time I love this tree. In a month's time the rotting flowers will carpet the ground, then the leaves will fall and the twigs are an endless pain in the derriere.

It has not had a lot of love over its life, and the lack of pruning makes it unsuitable for children to climb, gives it sprawl across the neighbours rooves, the lack of planning for neighbours means it lifts their concrete.

My grandmother had a poinsiana right in the middle of her back yard. It was pruned regularly and so perfect for climbing. It probably left as much litter across her lawn, but she had endless patience for the delights her garden gave.

I too want to delight in my garden, but I have not the time for raking, nor the love for reclaiming what the years have wrought, and indeed not the money for making my neighbours happier or safer.

Next week, baby, it is coming down. As is the travelling palm and the pandanus.

We are contemplating new shade options and planting fruit trees. We may well put back some natives - but well away from the borders and the unnecessary divide irksome plants on boundaries can create.

Right now, this poinsiana in all its brilliance has my affection.

I will enjoy it to the end.


Kari said...

What a beauty it is though.

I too lack in the time, money, and patience department in caring for anything that lives except people... then I find it is an necessity.

I tried my hand at container gardening without much sucess this past summer.

Debby said...

Warning: I've got this climbing rose that I keep chopping down. And it keeps coming back like some creepy monster from the late, late show. Hope your poinsiana stays chopped down.

Melody said...

It is beautiful but I know what you mean by the rotting mush those flowers/leaves will become in the weeks to follow...

Jayne said...

Awww, poor poinsiana.
Oh well, hoo roo tree ;)

BB said...

Ahhhh. My favourite type of tree in the entire world. So sad it has to go (but know the reasons). So wish we could transplant it to the houseyard at GG. But then the frosts would get it. *Sigh*

I got some pics of the blooms - will give you one for the wall to remind you!!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

it is beautiful but I hope it can be replaced with something just as special all year round and less of a neighbourly concern.