Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

Last week, I set myself a goal. Yes, I was quite surprised at myself too. It was to get myself off my sizeable derriere comfortable laurels and start bringing a little more work my way.

The work I do from home is sporadic and needs a bit more supplementing so I can choose frivolous activities - like go to a cousin's wedding, or contemplate getting clothes - let alone paying off a debt of gratitude (and a lot of dosh) to my parents.

Oh I was rubbing my hands with glee as I trotted around reminding folks of what wonders I could provide.

Then my plans started to fracture, first with the call to be the emergency tuck shop lady, second with the realisation that they think they have a schmuck and it is easier for them not to ever find a replacement once I am ensconsed, and third with the wiping out of three pay days a week for a minimum wage position that only children will thank me for (if they don't succeed in scamming me first).

But I doggedly continued. It takes a lot of momentum to get up from my sizeable derriere comfortable laurels, so once movement has taken place anything can happen.

Resultantly, for the first fortnight in ages I do not have a spare minute to scratch myself - let alone vacuum, wash, tidy, clean house, paint toenails, play ladies - hang on, strike those last two - be a good housefrau.

I haven't really been a good one yet. I don't miss the role - but man, I am starting to miss the results.

Put washing on in the middle of the night? Check. Set alarm to get up at crack of dawn to do everything I was meant to do today but didn't get around to? Check.

Look forward to money landing in the bank from being an exceptional worker on the days I am not the Tuck Shop Lady. Oh yes, mother - CHECK! Actually - be better if it were cash, but as long as it hits the bottom of the jar!

Of course, the universe must be in balance, so for every day I receive work at a really good rate, it seems windows will not be delivered to V's workplace and he gets a short week.

So universe, if you are listening to me - I am going to work like a dog tuck shop lady for next to nothing for a bit - we already have the balance sorted. Give V a wave or two to make up, okay?


debby said...

Isn't that the way it always goes? Don't be messing with the cosmos though. For once, things seem to be going in OUR favor. You start messing up the balance of things, it might work out for you and V, but what about the rest of us poor schmucks? Just asking...

Tracey said...

If you can do Tuck Shop Lady, then the universe owes you a favour or three...

baby~amore' said...

Go the tuck shop lady ...but hope you get paid work too.
I hope V gets a few more waves ~~~~

thanks for visiting me
My Little Drummer boys

JaniceNW said...

Silly American me has no freakin' idea what a tuck shop lady is? Do you or do you not get paid?

I have missed your comments!!!