Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (of sorts...)

Lookee what I found in my mail today!

Yay - it looks like a present... from Trish at My Little Drummer Boys...
The Present
Here 'Salina, can you please help me to open it?

No darling, the correct phrasing is "excuse me, minion, but could you please get me my scissors", not "get my scissors, serf!".
Ordering the Minion

Oh look, 'Salina multiskilling - television and helping mother, isn't that great?

Be careful of that multitasking, darling - vital organs at risk!

Wow - a mouse - and its the kind I really like - the "not alive" version.
And look - a lollipop in a flavour that I have been assured is someone's favourite around here. Of course, this means it is now effective bribery, therefore worth far more than the value of the item!
A present...
Hmm - just noticed that someone has casually tossed a banana peel on the couch beside 'Salina - where is that minion?

Can't get that darned present out - here, will this work?
Oooh - its to 'Salina! (Which wasn't in the rules, Trish!) What is it? What is it?
A book and a balloon!!! Thank you. (Unfortunately the Borders discount may not be effective, as we are too far North of the border to have one - otherwise I would definitely be using it!)

Of course you can open mine too.
Mmm - Turkish Delight! With 60% LESS fat, which is just as well, although I will continually wonder now - less than what?
Oh look - its Eddie!
'Salina did try to snaffle the little knife as it was so cute - but I have dibs if it is going to help me make dacquiris - now, that is the sort of fun drink I would like to excel at. I wonder does it help to shave the ice? That was always my biggest problem!
Oooh - okay, one day in the future we will have a wordless Wednesday with me all Turbied up, strawberry dacquiri in one hand while I gloat over my my lovely Eddie coaster stitched by my own paws - may have a few dacquiris in my to get that far, of course (or I might cheat and just use the picture already provided!!). Unfortunately the Turkish Delight will be unable to take part - I was worried that it might lose the other 40% if I didn't take care of it RIGHT AWAY!

Thank you Trish - and thanks Lightening for organising such a fun swap!

Oh - and we just found a cute toe ring, and have fought over whose present it fell from. Unfortunately we both ended up ugly stepsisters on the issue, as it is too large for 'Salina's dainties, and too narrow for my uniquely squat toes - but V has just arrive home, and we will try it on him!


baby~amore' said...

Sweet and neat - I just opened my gift too - I am very pleased. You are very creative.

Ps I was waiting to Smiley Saturday to post but I guess I will now instead. I was drafting it and came to get your link and what do you know a new post popped up before my eyes and I saw the parcel.LOL

JaniceNW said...

That was really smiley and fun to follow alone. Thanks for the photos so I almost felt as if I were there!

jeanie said...

Thats okay Trish - I will refer to it for tomorrow, but it was a nice concertina into the wordless Wednesday thing as well.

I am glad you liked yours - I had a lot of fun finding the bits!

Janice - that was the intention, although you could have noticed the banana skin a bit earlier and warned me, eh?