Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dreams and dramas

Hey there strangers! Nope, have not been near a computer in days. Strange days here folks - and stranger nights...

Ever had weird dreams? You know those dreams that you recognise every element and the source from whence they sprung, but sprung upon you in the unconscious with all the elegance of high-voltage conundrums set in sinking seaside cities - well, you do start to wonder about yourself a bit.

I have heard that dreams are your mind sorting your inbox so you can more effectively deal with the daily activities.

So what was happening on Tuesday evening, when Gordon Ramsay came to the tuckshop, saw the conditions and started reaming me, then took a step back and went in to bat for me with the various bodies who are contributing (by doing sweet FA) to its demise. Then an obscure soap opera star died and her mother was at my table lamenting how people only wanted the fame angle and never knew the person. Then there was some storm surge and I think there was something about some boats. I can't really remember.

So I know where bits of that come from, but what the heck were they leading to? And even more importantly, why did they have me awake at 3am on Wednesday morning and keep me that way until 5.30 - at which point I fell into deep and dreamless sleep until 6 when I was woken for my day to start.

The day started, and by 7.30 when I was ensconced in my tuckshop fortress, I got that nagging sensation that I tend to get on a more frequent basis these days. My eyes get a little irritable, certain noises start to hum louder, my stomach clenches - and I get a migraine.

There are certain things in life that I should have learned by now. One of them is that panadol has negligible effect on migraines, and the other is you cannot stare one down.

However - I had no backup, my eating public awaited and my day was ruled by the bell. So I did what any good martyr does - girded the loins, got through the day by using mindless mantras, child slave labour and a bit of luck (slow day at the office, managed to coincide dashes for expulsion of stomach contents with lack of clientele).

I arrived home - to find my honey had beaten me, as his gammy knee had swollen football size and he was forced off work for the day. However, my migraines have a tendency to trump any piddly little career-threatening injuries (well, in the immediacy they do) so we were a right pair.

Thus ended a day where I actually did not turn on the computer AT ALL.

As the headache wore off, I entered a new dream sequence last night. We bought a present for 'Salina - only we only paid half as we were doing lay by, and we didn't really know what we were buying. However, even though we had only paid half we got to take it with us - and it was a cute little pug! We were worried how Eddie would take it, but he was okay with it because he was a pug too. Then I went into the next room, and there was my beautiful Grandma "Marty". She had a totally cleanshaven head and a very smooth round face (like a young Catherine Hepburn, which she would have adored) and the bluest eyes. It was such a serene time. There was also stuff about catching trains and driving along roads near the ocean and getting places, but they happen in all the dreams.

So please forgive me if I haven't visited of late, dropped a comment or even waved. I am flat out even finding where I am at!


debby said...

Ooooh. Migraines suck. I do have to say though, after a load of prescriptions which either did not work, or only worked marginally, know what I found that worked for me? Excedrin Migraine. I was surprised by that. Good news? Since I quit my 10 hour night shift job and have a day job that I actually enjoy, I've had one migraine in a year.

PS: You and your beloved need to nurse each other back to health.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Methinks it sounds like time to give this tuckshop thing the boot. Easier said than done by the sounds but it's obviously getting to you. Gordon Ramsay is enough to give anyone a migraine I think.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Answer #1: You watch too much TV? Gordon Ramsay in one's dreams would almost certainly bring on a migraine...

Answer #2: You need to give up Tuck Shop. Inspires me to post on our Tuck Shop arrangement. But that would take effort and energy, I while I don't suffer migraines, I do suffer from laziness. So I'll do it later.

Answer #3: Yes, my dear, TLW is soooooo much like You it freaks me out. In the nicest possible way of course. You know it. Own it!

Love Ya

debby said...

BB and Jeanie: I gave my sister a very nice mug for Christmas. It said, "I smile because we are sisters. I laugh because you can't do a thing about it."

Reading your back and forth makes me laugh.

JaniceNW said...

I've missed you but I totally understand as I get migraines and bizarre dreams. I wihs you a grand weekend! :)

baby~amore' said...

Your dreams sound like mine - very tortuous,bizarre and crazy.
I cannot figure mine out at all - go figure. I hope the migraines are gone.

Melody said...

It's not that bad dreaming about Gordon Ramsey, is it? I'd prefer to see him in my dreams rather than, lets say, Jason Roberts for example. Or Jeff Janz. Gordon rocks.

jeanie said...

I am with you Mel - compared to some of the TV chefs on offer, Gordon does have that bad boy quality that I used to fall for!

The migraine went, the tuck shop hasn't - although a degree less so, and they are trying to find a new person.

I am not doing it on Wednesday, so the wife of the P&C president will have to front up. Hmm, may make the pres realise that you really do need a paid person in the position!

Kate said...

So glad you recovered from the migraine, wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy absolutely hate having them. Just popping by to say thanks for all the loverly comments you have left on my blog, glad you got a chance to catch up, can honestly say that I am not going to get the same opportunity for a while but when I do expect a lot of backdated comments from me. Big Hugs from me and my family to you and yours.