Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Stash of Silver Linings

Something wonderful happened today. Today's job got moved to next week, and gave me a little breathing room.

Since two weeks ago, I started an avalanche of work, which is indeed a blessing (for my bank balance and confidence) but also somewhat of a curse (if you like clean floors and home cooking).

The last few days I spent visiting my extended family - and doing a little work for them. "There" is out of mobile range, and so I didn't get today's client's call until late on the trip back.

Today I called, and we are doing today's job next Wednesday - and it is with profound relief I regard the 3 loads of laundry, the unvacuumed and unwashed floors, the bathroom and the toilet.

I also have the leisure to look at getting my work web page together, my budget and business plans, my mailouts and touching base with some mentors.

Perhaps I may even look at my wardrobe and find the fixes in my sewing basket. The potential is all there!

Two weeks ago, I would have looked at my to do list and felt stress. Today, I look at it and give thanks that I have the freedom to even contemplate!

In other news -

I also have the freedom to scratch at leisure!


Debby said...

Your sunburn looks like a big wide smile.

Lin said...

I find clean floors and healthy tucker seem to somewhat lose their importance in the scheme of things when when there's no money to buy food - home-cooked or not. :)

It reminds me of the cliche: "You can have it all, just not all at once."

Clean clothes do make one feel good though, so enjoy the extra time.

BB said...

I can assure you all that this sunburn smile is NOT very happy looking, and makes me cringe a bit just thinking about it. I hope the itch slows a bit soon love... and that your washing machine stays the course through your everest of laundry. Good work at GG too - your blood is worth bottling!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anabiosis said...

holy cow at that sunburn! I thought you got a tattoo at first! Dang lady, put some aloe on that quick!! I sure miss talking to you! xoxox

Julie Pippert said...

Here here for breathing room, healing sunburns and sewing fixes. Enjoy!

Julie Pippert said...

Dude. I am so brain-gassed today. I meant hear hear.

What's my native language?

Crazed Nitwit said...


Glad you're feeling less stressed. :)

Melody said...

*scratch, scratch, peel, scratch*

jeanie said...

Still itchy here, but the peel is gone away!