Friday, June 06, 2008

Gushing Girly

Alison from Three Times Kewl has tagged me with a "Girl Stuff" meme - and seeing as I am dealing with a bit of ancient history this week, I am willing to take it on full frontal...

When I was but a wee twenty-something, my foundation started with the word "Johnson's" and ended with "Baby Powder".

As I grew up, I did discover that if you slathered some really good stuff on your face, it did give your face that airbrushed quality so desired by the magazines.

As I grew wise, I discovered that the really good stuff came at a really good price.

As a really good salary and I parted way over definition of the terms "living" and "joy", good foundation and I parted ways.

I have a tinted moisturiser sample that I got from The Body Shop 5 years ago that I am threatening to use next time I really glam up...

Now, if you really knew me, you would know how little this product and I need each other.

Thinking Jeanie's eyes, think "cow". Combine that with spectacles required to see anything and mascara just blurs the vision (nothing like mascara stripes to add interest to scenery).

I do have some that I bought last century somewhere - I think...

Day Cream:
I am non-discriminatory as to the calibre of cream I slather when I remember to slather cream - I have no idea the weight of the stuff I use now - I just know that I bought it for the Croatian ex-MIL who didn't like it and gave it back to me. I think it is a tradition I should continue - only she doesn't like me giving back the dust collectors as her shelves are too full.

Essential Beauty Product:
Good posture makes a huuuge difference between "who" and "WHO?" - I hated the fact that my father harped on it so often during my childhood, no it is me drilling the child with "stand up straight, shoulders back, look your own height in front of you".

Favorite Makeup Product:
Well, I did get given a compendium of colours from a really lovely girlfriend for those moments when I do want to sparkle - no brand name that I can discern but some great autumn tones that I like to play with.

More great friends and relatives have ensured that I have a stash of perfume - 'Salina loves to make "potions" with them, although I try to minimise the effects as much as possible.

I fell in love with "l'air du temp" when my aunt gave me some as a teenager, but its a hard habit to continue. I also have "giorgio" on my dresser, as well as a lovely scent "sunflowers" - but I wear them very rarely.

At the age of seven I chewed my nails - by the age of seven and a half they started to grow. I imagined what fingernails in my stomach (that reportedly don't digest) would be like and grossed myself out.

Resultantly, I always have longish nails - when one breaks they all get chopped, but the grow quickly. Maintenance - I scrub them? Occasionally polished, generally just neat and emeried.

Today I had a look at these and they are true cooks hands at the moment. A few burns and blisters, healed scars from slipped knives. I have a fantastic scar on one thumb from a washing machine incident when I was 3.

Very tired at the moment, as I was Tuck Shop Support Lady and they had to support me on very inadequate footwear.

I had a hideous time in my teens with ingrown toenails and I hate to shoe shop, so I try not to look down too often.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:
Well, I think there is nothing better to maintain your beauty on a deserted island than a boat, a bottle of water and a really good satellite phone!

Women I admire for their beauty:
I tend not to admire women for their beauty - more their words and their spirit. I think my mother is very beautiful inside and out, and looks exactly as she did when I was a child.

Women with the Best Sense of Style:
My aunt BonBon is definitely the most stylish woman in the world. Hands down. "Oh this old thing" she would say as she sashayed about in whatever - and it ALWAYS looks good.

My Ultimate Dream:
I want to be toned - that would be my ultimate beauty dream. Otherwise, I want to be known as someone with a strong spirit and beautiful nature - working hard on those.

How Do I Define Womanhood:
Womanhood, to me, is about inner strength. A woman should be firm where she needs to be firm - on her principles and courage - but also soft where it is important - with compassion and love.

Favourite Fashion Publication:
I really don't know the answer to this one, it has been a long, long time since I have looked in that direction. I used to love Burda and Neue Mode when they were available in newsagencies here, as I loved to create clothes - but these days my mainstays are food p0rn magazines!

The last bit:
I will go for my two of my most recent commenters who have not done this meme - they are...
Crazed Mom at Chasing Myself and Jayne at Our Great Southern Land.


Alison said...

LOL @ your answer for day cream!
Loved your take on it, Jeanie. :)

Maude Lynn said...

I heard "stand up straight" over and over when I was a kid. And, "get your hair out of your eyes." That was a family favorite!

David said...

I do not wear "makeup" per say, but I am a huge believer in using good quality skin care products. I am a body shop regular shopper. They have a good quality mens line.
A mild soap wash morning and before bed, followed by toner ( I use a #3 because of my oily skin) and then topped off with M lotion by clinique. It is a great moisture product for me.
Thanks for this post, I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Love your version of everything. I really enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved this! Your beauty regime is much like mine.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Oh you got me!(as I clutch my arrow pierced and drag my body around doing a stunning death scene worthy of Bugs Bunny at his best.) Hmmm, I am so not girly. I'll need to think creatively on this one. I owe ya girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

lol....this meme is just such a great read. It seems the Aussie girls are much more into ourselves as people, than what others think we should look like.

We all seem to be living the Dove real beauty campaign...and I am noticing The Body Shop coming up often.

You are beautiful Jeanie.

Heather said...

I'm hooked on Este Lauder foundation even though the price is a killer. Good thing I don't wear make up every day because it takes me 2-3 years to use it up.

Jayne said...

Thanks for the tagging LOL!
I always got the "stand up straight, shoulders back" line.

Anonymous said...

*Don't* talk to me about mascara. After several instances of having my face puff up and blister to the extent of closing my eyes, a doctor gave me a referral for some allergy testing and the worst offenders are several ingredients in mascara. And I'm not all cow-eyed like you Jeanie, I could use a bit of definition. Also allergic to leather. Huh! In a shoe store I have become a synthetics snob.

jeanie said...

Alison - all I know is it is a long way from the cow.

mama zen - ah, they cloned fathers in those days!

david - you probably do far more than I, lol.

veronda - thanks for dropping by and saying so.

tiff - ah, then I know how beautiful it looks on you.

crazed mom - I have read a few of these and there aren't that many of us girlies out there!

megan - back at you, beautiful!

QoSS - ha, that everyday ritual is just something to sell more product, isn't it?

jayne - conspiracy of fathers!

hilary - I can only imagine your pain, darls.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Very creative Jeanie and fun to read.
I sat up straight when I got to posture bit.