Sunday, June 08, 2008

That Sunday too far away

has finally come, thinks Miss 'Salina.

Yes, after only a solid month of cleaning her room, today it was deemed "nearly good enough" for the great furniture swap around and she got my old computer.

Of course, then some nasty old Mum decided her computer would need to be loaded with new hardware, updates would need to download and scans done before she could play, so the "I'm bored"'s are still hitting mighty thick and fast around here.

We also had what is becoming a Sunday morning ritual this morning.

Homemade English Muffins with bacon and eggs. Yummo. Of course, I failed to photograph so you will just have to imagine.

Tried recipe #2 today - I have a few downloaded and will be experimenting before I give you the definitive version - but both versions thus far have been met with a great deal of enjoyment, and staggered away with a great deal of satisfaction.

The secret to great English muffins, of course, is to start several hours before you want them, so its not your crack of dawn type indulgence.

Would be out mowing the lawn - the sun is high - almost up to grass height - but alas the good soaking rain that we received last weekend is still squelching underfoot. This is good news for the birds, as they have decided that our front yard is great for a bit of a natter and harvest around this time of day.

I won the thumb wrestle, and managed to extract from Bush Babe the allowance that not only could I tell the forklift story, but I could also embellish it to my heart's content. And as I wasn't actually there, it will be 90% fancy and 10% surmised. Stay tuned!

Anyone else having extremely vivid dreams lately? Mine have been full on!!

Between marrying (well, actually, being stood up by) an English twit in a penthouse you reached through a hotel kitchen because it was part of a job description; house-minding plants dressed in clothing; hill starts (and parks) in old cars; school uniform discussions; golfers discussing war statistics and being late for school - I have not slept without the full technicolour workout for the week. Please tell me I am not the only one?

Two posts made me laugh out loud today - if you need a laugh, here is The Funny Thing About Jalapenos at The Anvil Tree and Dead To Us Depot at Life in a Cone of Silence.

Anyway, must off and be entertainment manager - seems once your room is clean you can NOT find anything to amuse. I wouldn't know, of course.


alice said...

Well. my 'I am bored' is away at camp, thus freeing me to clean up his room. Dare say I won;t be popular when he returns because I have removed the lizard cage, but that's the only thing he will notice is missing (despite the umpteen black garbage bags I filled) and his clothes, away, will be thought of as 'new ones'.

Anonymous said...

oh can't wait for the muffin recipe... and thanks for the good giggle links!

David said...

Thanks for nice comment, so happy I could make you chuckle. "To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts"
Can't wait for forklift story!


Snoring and dreaming last night for me. I enjoyed the dreams, hubby did not enjoy the noise.

In our house it has always been the child handing down and setting up the computer for the adult. Nice to know the chain of command works in some homes.

ps...I enjoying following your suggested reads Jeanie.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Oh Jeanie - I can't wait for muffin recipe either and the forklift story.

Yay for Salina's computer - is she getting a blog too ;)

I have really vivid crazy dreams too sometimes.

what a very busy time you have had -this is 5 posts in one.

Debby said...

Jeesh. I'm always having crazy dreams. I used to dream about driving while I was sleeping. Over and over, and it would scare me so flipping badly. Last August, I was in a very serious car wreck and was knocked unconscious. As I fought to 'come back' I could feel my truck spinning crazily, and I thought, "Oh, God, it's my dream."

Jayne said...

Been having vivid dreams here, too, but I blame the radio, tuned to ABC, chattering away all night beside the bed lol.

Maude Lynn said...

Sadly, my dreams have been really boring lately!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can imagine the muffins, bacon, and eggs... Yum! I have been dreaming like crazy lately. I was actually telling my husband parts of one I had this morning. Not quite sure why people are dreaming so much (I like to think because of the warm weather here now), but you know, it's good to dream... in real life or in dreamland.

jeanie said...

Alice - you are a heroine, putting yourself in the path of danger for your offspring's room.

Kate - just one more experiment (on my willing audience) and a memory to use the camera and you too can indulge your loved ones with displays of largesse.

David - it is brewing and should be on the assembly line soon.

Elizabeth - lol I woke V up giggling with a dream last night.

baby-amore - 5 sub posts, none worthy of a full one, I am afraid!

Debby - I truly would not want any of mine to be real life enacted.

jayne - sometimes if I snooze in front of the tube I can work them into the dreams quite well.

mama zen - that does not have to be a bad thing.

veronda - can't blame the warm weather here - Winter is threatening for us to start taking it seriously.

Anonymous said...

We've been doing the english muffins with bacon and eggs thing for weekend breaky lately. It's nice to have some little treat traditions like that. :)