Sunday, June 01, 2008

Technology - the great(ish) leap forward

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I did not drop the bombshell of my complete dorkiness to you only to disappear.

It happened like this.

On Tuesday, I had a list of lovely things to do - you know, blog, back up computer, get all really important information into one hard spot... Well, I sort of didn't get through my list because, as usual, Blue Tuesday, the day before Red Wednesday, came armed with a knee-cracking migraine and I succumbed after my usual ladylike reticence.

Therefore, on Wednesday when I took my old tower in to the computer guy to update for my daughter and to collect my brand spanking new one, I was not doing so with the smug satisfaction of an organised geek but with a certain level of trepidation. Oh, I went armed with prayers to the higher technological gods that nothing bad would happen to the heart of my old machine but we know how that god loves a laugh.

But I was lucky - yes indeed, the computer guy not only gave me this shiny new machine that I could play with but also my old one, not yet updated with the promised improvements but promises that Monday would be a better day for such advances in my world.

Well, I was lucky until I got it home, when it decided that it didn't feel the love any more and, in a manner of sulking, would not find the operating system - which unfortunately is necessary to find anything. I am computer literate enough to know its just a loose connection - somewhere - but I was up against timewise so decided to hook up the new beauty and watch her spin.

Unfortunately spinning was in the manner of in one spot and going nowhere, because it took me a few hours of frustration to realise that what XP used to allow in terms of setting passwords wasn't as loved by Vista.

Therefore the password we set when we created a little home wireless network was not really the password. Well it was, but snooty Vista was not even going to look at the offering we placed at its feet - it was not worthy of contemplation.

It only took a little hair pulling, an almost domestic dispute (not really, but I am not good at letting another person drive a computer in front of me, even if it is HIS computer and even if it is to try and find out the computer code for what I want), a phone conference with the computer god guy and an epiphany that if a computer code reference it is in CAPITALS on a website it really means lower case. D'uh!

However, by the time I had worked that out, it was almost time to hit the road for another trip West - but hey, laptop can travel and I would have time to play!

Thursday we went to my SIL and brother's - for work, for 'Salina's continued jillarooing experience, for family fun time and maybe to surf.

Unfortunately the waves weren't up, but on Friday afternoon I travelled a little South to my sister's - again, for work, for 'Salina's continued jillarooing experience, for family fun time and maybe to surf.

The waves were in there - but - well, her connection was "shaped" - meaning that once she has hit her limit (awfully easy when you blog, pay bills online and update computer virus programs) and the c-o-n-n-e----c-----t-----i---------o---------------n w------------a---------------s s----------------l----------------o--------------o--------------w (as well as costing her extra for each sneak peek online) so I instead spent a little quality time with her kids and her plastics drawer while she got muddy with my daughter.

So now I am back home and starting to refind my feet, relearn my passwords and try to catch up with my little blogworld.

So - hello! What have I missed?


Alison said...

Welcome back.
Glad to hear your not stranded on the shore :)

Jayne said...

Welcome back to the land of Blog!
What have you missed?
Hmmm....there was that time those blokes popped up to the moon....and then Elvis popped his clogs...oh, and the Germans didn't like the landscaping so they pulled down their Big Wall garden feature...
So, not much missed really! :P

Debby said...

Good, Jayne, how you didn't mention the war and all. Bring her up to speed one jolt at a time.

"Elvis popped his clogs." Never heard it phrased like that.

I'm trying to wrap my head around a 'knee popping migraine'.

Thanks for the laugh.

Maude Lynn said...

Oh, the frustration! I've heard that Vista is a nightmare. Welcome back!

Julie Pippert said...

Welcome back...Reader has taught me a great Zen life lesson: don't worry about what you missed. Click "all read" and pick up from now. :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

Vista shall never ever grace my laptop. I'll go Mac before I go Vista. Missed ya. HUGS for all your hassles.

Tracey said...

Don't know what you missed, but I've missed you - both your bloggin, and the fact that you always manage to brighten my day with a comment on my little blog!
Sorry to hear about the computer travails.. never mind another migraine, and all that other crap.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I too had computer problems on the weekend. Mine was insidious spyware though. It's great when they work, but damned inconvenient when they don't.

Melody said...

You're back. Like me! I didn't post much or visit many when I had my 5 day blog absence. I was too busy discovering the beauty of iDVD which I got awfully addicted to. Imagine, using the laptop and NOT actually using the web? Amazing for me.

Anonymous said...

You haven't missed anything from me. My week has been a bit like yours. My computer is down to very limited and fickle functions. (Ooh, I like that! Fickle functions. Would make a good name for a shop or something.)

jeanie said...

No, no Alison - although not as immersed in the water as some weeks!

Jayne - have I been gone that long?

mama zen - Vista is actually not as bad as I had feared - it is other software I am tearing my hair out over...

julie - followed your plan and it was amazing.

crazed mom - the problem with mac, for me, is that all of my clients have microsoft...

tracey - thanks.

jen - when good spyware goes bad - it sounds so very sci-fi.

melody - will have to check out iDVD - oh no, hang on, another way to waste time on the 'puter - how will real life cope!

hilary - I like! Fickle Functions for Fantastics Fripperies?