Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Stolen Puppy Post

A tale of babysitting Bushbabe's beautiful offspring - and other naughty critters...

Last weekend, while Bush Babe was busy getting mucky with weaners, I had the joy of some quiet time with her children, a Blues Clues DVD (with Steve, the original host) and her plastics drawer. I am a terror on other peoples plastics drawers, having an OCD complex about lids requiring containers, and containers requiring lids. My family know this little foible, and tend to indulge me with access to their stash when I feel the mood come upon me.

After some intense plastics stacking, I noticed that the background of tuneful ditties had been replaced by - silence.

Fearing that the children had escaped the clutches of solving Blues conundrums, I went to investigate.

Not only were the children not glued to the tube, they were also not downstairs where the puppies resided - and NOR WERE THE PUPPIES...

Oh goodness - five of the cutest things at Granite Glen, and they were all missing AT THE SAME TIME and ON MY WATCH!!!

"Dash!! Little Woman!! Puppies!!" I hollered.

"Here, Jeanie" was the immediate response, and from just around the corner I found the first clue...

Two clues, really!! Aren't they cute. But where are the other three is the other puppy and children?
Dash then did a little dance and skdoo-ed to the next scene...

The Little Woman is not so much into suspense as her auntie, so she was very happy to show how beautiful her baby was. Awww - isn't he beautiful?

She did ask her auntie not to tell Mummy, so I haven't told her - didn't promise I wouldn't blog though.

Ah, the wonders of blog anonymity!!!


Debby said...

I got a plastics cupboard you can visit with your OCD

Alison said...

LOL! Very cute.

Aniqa said...

Hey toots it's definitely been too long since I lived with you - you should see the state of my plastic drawers, er cupboards (drawers could be taken the wrong way).

Anyway I have more lids than you can poke a stick at, but I've no idea where the containers are.

You will have to come and visit to sort them out for me

David said...

this made me smile as I have the same OCD. drives family crazy

BB said...

A-ha!!!! The little varmants... they know that is not allowed. Honestly - who on earth is going to want to use those prams for actual human babies now? Not me, that's for sure!!!

THanks for the Tupperware resort. Can I suggest a map of the result next time - still can't find a thing! (Seriously, much better than it was though!).


BB said...

PS Should I have spelled that 're-sort'? What is a Tupperware resort? Does it have plastic palm trees??

Jayne said...

Great pics ;)
Looks like you all had a fun time, plastics drawer and all :P

jeanie said...

Debby - it is my intention to fuel my worldwide tour with invitations to other people's plastics cupboards LOL

I thought so too Alison.

Aniqa - see above, you can be my first port of call.

David - ah, a fellow sufferer of inability to understand containers without lids.

bush babe - you mean YOU COULD find things in that before? Sheesh - noted and will diagram in future. Oh, and you had intentions for those prams I didn't know about, hmm?

Jayne - we ALWAYS have fun, including the plastics drawer.