Monday, August 23, 2010

'Salina's Gift

When we first moved to Paradise, a lot of my decision in moving here was because of 'Salina.

I wanted to be closer to my extended family so we could contemplate regular weekend visits rather than longer but more sporadic journeys. It meant that P's family were no longer around the corner - but it is always a joy when they visit us or vice versa.

I wanted to not be stuck in traffic trying to get her to and from school. These days, I can watch her on and off the bus in my dressing gown (all too often) from the top of the stairs.

When I first met V, I must admit that a fair bit of that was for me - however, I wasn't tossing my lot in with someone who didn't have 'Salina front and foremost also. My first phone discussion with him involved the words "package deal" and we have always worked on the principle that, while the he and me things were excellent, they were only ever possible with the he, me and she thing all gelling also. Luckily, they have. Not always easy, a few teething issues and occasional maintenance required.

When I first got pregnant, we were very unsure as to how 'Salina would react, as it would be a large deviation for her.

She played it well, holding all cards very close to her chest as to her reactions to the news - trepidation was the major key with occasional hues of potential sufferance.

And now...

Well, let us just say that if 'Salina told her baby sister to jump, she would be asked how high.

All is well with her world!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I am a bit disconcerted that August is already upon us - here are a few pictures while I catch my breath.

Do you know that I typed the above statement 3 days ago - everything takes a little while extra.

Even when you have the best helpers in the world, things just don't get done with the same single-minded determination.

Still, life goes on - if you let nature take its course, it will provide...

Of course, sometimes it provides yet another job to do.

I have to smile though - there are always things to smile about.