Sunday, October 31, 2010

Up for Air

I am a tongue thinker. V is a tongue thinker. Therefore, poor little Paris had no choice but to stick her tongue out while concentrating. That or she is teething. Continuously.

We had a pool party for 'Salina's 11th birthday - which doesn't happen officially until Wednesday. I won't post a photo of 'Salina, because all the ones of her include a dozen other kids - including one we don't know. Go figure.

'Salina and V did have fun carving a pumpkin and getting together goodies for Halloween this evening. Its moments like this I miss Boy Next Door and Girl Down the Road - there are no playmates in cooee now for her to garner into a Trick or Treat posse - so we hosted a scary balcony and gave out goodies.

I worked my first Saturday at one of my new jobs on the weekend (so V got the joy of getting the girls ready for the party - he he he) (This tactic did backfire on me as I met him at the pool, as Paris was clad in a blue worker's singlet and a brown MCN. Quite rightly, he points out it is her fanciest MCN, but definitely a fail in Party Girl status!!)

However, a few Saturdays ago I wasn't working and we and some visiting friends went on a walk we have meant to do since - well, since being in Paradise.

'Salina has her Aunt's photographic eye, don't you think?

She is also a dab hand at Directing...

Yes, Paris has learned how to play!

Anyhow, back to tail up and nose down - 13th - its a date, right?

Monday, October 25, 2010


the hours alloted to awake time between work and travelling to and from work and being my big daughter's confidante
as she walks trepiditiously towards adolescence and being my little daughter's Mummy as she teeters towards walking
and being my husband's wife and being the budgeter and the peace-maker and the apologist...

Apparently not so much the blogger, hey?

Still alive, still afloat (and paddling like crazy), still enjoying my family and the joys of paradise (growing luciously and enjoying the reprieve of a lawnmower undergoing servicing - again) and food (oh my, I must admit we still eat like royalty.
We can do cheap feasts like nobodies business) and contemplating the 13th of November because that is the square that has nothing written in it (yet)...

Hope everyone is well out there - this is the banality that is life in paradise with gorgeous creatures.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hey ho, hey ho

Not much going on here of late - because a bit too much going on out there.

The good news - I have got some regular work.
The bad news - I have not got rid of my irregular work just yet.
The ridiculous - I am working daytimes and evenings...

The good news - Paris is getting very mobile.
The bad news - Paris is getting very quick.
The ridiculous - going through our house is an obstacle course.

The good news - 'Salina didn't have appendicitis.
The bad news - she missed some quality horse time at her favourite place in the world.
The ridiculous - what made 'Salina so sick is a vague and "could have been anything" diagnosis...

The good news - V is getting a lot of quality Paris and him time.
The bad news - V is not getting any study done.
The ridiculous - he is studying evenings.

Hope the world is keeping you all well!