Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sucky September Story

The vacuum cleaner died. It was over 30 years old. It only had a 2 year warranty - its final demise was brought about by plastic fatigue on a little clip that kept the bit of foam filter in place. I don't have any photos of the Sunbeam Volta - but it was a gem.

This meant that my first "few hours of just me in the house on a Sunday" that I had cunningly negotiated with V was spent instead in an electronics store. I browsed vacuums ferociously, and went over the pros and cons of many a model with the salesman. I mentioned old, deep carpet, a moulting cat, my own locks and children, one of whom is partial to mysterious coughs and rashes on occasion. I also mentioned a serious aversion to Electrolux (I have a whole series on the joys that particular company has given me over the years).

He mentioned Turbo Head and extolled the virtues of a model that had "Volta" in its title and I was sold.

When I got home, I found the warranty has Electrolux on the top despite not being on any external labelling. It sucked - very well. The turbo head went wonderfully - for one whole vacuum of the house.

And then the turbo head bit died. Less than a week old, killed by long hair and complete lack of access to clear the turbo bit of the crap it collected... The rest of it works.

Have to dig out the Electrolux warranty and work out how many levels of hell we will be put through for the bit I bought the bloddy thing for...