Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My me day (in list form)

  1. Scrambled eggs for breakfast
  2. Leftover sandwiches from the AGM last night for lunchboxes - choice!!
  3. 'Salina's school photos today, so with Paris dressed in her photo suit from a few weeks ago took "sibling shots"
  4. 'Salina off to school, Paris to daycare
  5. Attempt to see School Secretary about After School Care report for P&C - she is too busy
  6. Help in tuckshop
  7. Go to Job 1 to give boss update on people I interviewed on Monday
  8. While there, attempt to fix an error I made with a cheque deposit yesterday - I hate it when I stuff up!!
  9. Collect empty platters from people who were at AGM the night before
  10. See an old family friend in the middle of the street who is on for a chat
  11. Collect more empty platters from other people who were at AGM the night before
  12. Rearrange meeting rooms where the AGM was the night before on behalf of Job 2
  13. Finalise a few compliance issues regard the AGM the night before for Job 2
  14. Visit the Auditor re Job 2
  15. Go to the Post Office re Job 2
  16. Collect more empty platters from other people who were at AGM the night before
  17. Deliver empty platters back to caterer
  18. See School Secretary about After School Care report for P&C
  19. Get home
  20. Read a vacuous book for 20 determined minutes!!!
  21. 'Salina gets home
  22. Make super-yummy chocolate-chip biscuits
  23. Shop for milk and veges
  24. Collect Paris
  25. Make bangers, mash, cauliflower cheese and steamed veg with my team (thanks V)
  26. Get seriously entertained by the girls
  27. Except when Paris and hard objects collide - happens more often of late and when hyped
  28. Ate
  29. Bathed
  30. Got girls to sleep
  31. Blogged
  32. To bed

I love my days off!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pride, Pain and Pigtails

Look at that - 4.55am and Friday is off and running!!!

Friday is my day with Paris, so obviously it involves shopping (the grocery kind) which means doing the budget (I like to keep the keel upright) but then I remembered, just as I saddled the computer for a little number wrangling that my sister made a promise on my behalf - and it may be slightly more fun than trying to make the red go away.

I have been a very busy little indian over here and seriously need to sort out my Wednesday priorities, because we had another fail at the whole "me" time concept. Had I done that, perhaps we would have had this post a little earlier!

Still, Friday is Friday, and a whole day away from Saturday (heck, weeks away from September even).

The first part of my title - Pride - is truly for 'Salina though. On Monday she was presented with Student of the Week for her class - but the bit that really puffed my chest was why. Apparently, 'Salina is "always helpful and considerate of others!" I already knew that, but it is great that it is recognised by her teacher. She often gets daughter of the moment by being kind to her little sister, and letting her play in the Schleich pit!

I have always been a fairly big fan, of course, but since being a big sister she has truly blossomed. I do fear the teen years, but as I have always said, she is pretty good clay.

She has little fans too!

Our celebration of her prize was rather muted by being in the emergency department of the local hospital. V did have a rather sore leg when we left (for our weekend to the abovementioned sister's place) but, rather than being on the mend it was worse when we returned - and a day of toddler wrangling had brought him to his knees (figuratively - the one in question wasn't up to bending that well) and he had visions of a possible transition to mono-leggedness - and anticipating the relief that would bring.

Luckily, it turns out that he had aggravated a Baker's Cyst, and when you google there are whole websites dedicated to this little curiosity (and many panaceas) - and he had a classic case. Unfortunately, when you google the symptoms, there are far more onerous things than Baker's Cyst on the first few pages, so a great deal of relief here.

And pigtails?


Ta da!!! Of course, we have now broken the pigtail charm, and all I have received is "noooo" to the suggestion of pigtails since this photo shoot!!