Thursday, September 13, 2018

If its not one thing...

Ah the wonders of modern technology...

Or rather - what the?  I wonder about modern technology.

We recently received new phones - because the old phones are ancient - like TWO YEARS OLD which means that they are past their use by dates.

V's phone actually decided that about 4 months ago and the screen went black never to resurrect.  He has been limping along with a phone from the ancient early teens counting down the days to late August.

My phone was working well - if you count having to connect a microphone for phone calls because the internal mic doesn't work - which sounds innocuous until the phone rings and you have to find the earphones with mic, untangle, connect and answer within the timeframe allowed - it often doesn't.

So anyway, finally I got around to ordering our new phones and they have arrived most promptly.

Thus prompting me to do what has been on my to do list since early May...  Find my way through my labrinth of passwords back to an old email address - and thus, to the portal that is this blog.

Hello blog, you old beggar.