Monday, December 31, 2007

Come Midnight

I don't think my life will change dramatically, come midnight, but this year - the first for many - I intend to make resolves and goals.

I am going to get myself more excited about my life - I am going to seriously contemplate my health, my career, my family and my goals. I am stopping from the self-sacked attitude and seeing what I can fashion - who knows.

I know that I could make resolutions at any point in time - and it is funny (peculiar) that the midnight hour on the 31st of December is a touchstone for these promises to myself.

I have always been resolutely non-resolution - but in this instance, I am contemplating 2008 as a fresh page, one that I have intention of etching with a bit of who I want to be, and I chose to be excited by the prospect of that.

So to everyone out there - have a safe and happy journey in to 2008, and I hope that the New Year brings all your wishes and dreams that step or two closer.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

'Salina has a new love

Rather than whine on this blustery day in Paradise, I thought I would bring forth a gem from 'Salina's stay with the relatives.

If you recall, wa-ay back in October, she was in love with BJ. Unfortunately the people who had loaned BJ also had a love for her, and she was returned.

At the start of her visit, she transferred all her affection to Bullseye - which was more than ample for the little guy.

But he served her well, and they went on adventures.

However, Grandpa has decided that she was confident enough for the next step up. And the next step up was a very big step. Meet Lacey!

Of course, for her cousin Spideyboy, this meant that he is ready to take her place in Bullseye's affections!

A WHOLE lotta love and confidence in that smile!

So one day soon, she and Lacey are going on adventure.

Maybe even with the other new combination, V and Tradesman.

(The disclaimer states:
This image (apparently) belongs to V (which is a pity as I think he is rather gorgeous!)

- but heck, if he doesn't want some other woman out there in internet land liking the look of him I don't mind that aspect!!!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

If I had a million dollars

I would create DVD's of some of the amazing drives that we get to travel courtesy of country relatives in this beautiful part of the world.

I would find stories about people who live here, who lived here, who moved away and where they came from and went to.

I would seek the narratives of the original aboriginal population and try to piece together their lore and knowledge of the wonderful bits of land.

I would give it to the world before no-one could remember or roam any more.


Remember how I had a problem with a television station hiding and moving a show I discovered?

In fact, of late Network 10 has not only switched it back and forth between Sundays and Fridays to do Pavlov experiments on viewers of Outrageous Fortune. No indeed, they have decided a more sinister approach of stuffing any night they didn't have a clueless crap program to fill the latest shift with my new favourite show - see just how desparate viewers could be.

The answer is - Not That - I like my sleep and to plan on doing so a little in advance, so I catch every odd one when I am up to it but have resigned myself to not ever knowing the full story.

Last night, however, a new twist to my own personal Outrageous Fortune drama unfolded.

Last night, V and I were doing the last minute flick around before bedtime rituals were attended. We were on WIN (country folks channel 9) and the next program disclaimer came on - Mature Adults, all sorts of references. V asked if it were my programme, but we both dismissed that as it was the wrong station and we kept flicking. Five minutes later, the station we had landed on started spouting ads so we did another flick. Would you believe - it really WAS my new lost favourite show, but a previous season.

I have a feeling that Channel Nine may have read my blog (okay, maybe there are more than I watching it and the Summer ratings were reflecting), realised that they had a season of this up their sleeves and decided to adopt the policy of Channel 10 and fill some late night space...

Either that, or it is a conspiracy...

So now I know the background to the first ever episode I watched - and I discovered that the production qualities have travelled a l-o-n-g way since this first series.

So, have you ever discovered and lost a TV show?

I try not to take it personally, and I have already braced myself that this new-found wealth of riches will be pulled at the whim of a TV executive, but it still does sting a little, like the pain of lost love.

There was Eastenders - yes, I know it was a crap English soap opera, but it was my crap English soap opera and you never forget your first.

There was Thirty Something - whatever did happen? Apparently there were several seasons after it was ripped from my eyes, but I will forever be caught in the unfolding drama of an impending divorce between the brunette and her hubster, and the divorced ones sneaking around getting back together behind people's backs.

There were comedies whose names I forget, for my affair with them was so fleeting - but they didn't make the masses laugh and they were jerked from my screen before we could fully bond.

I know, I know - I need to return to only watch ABC and SBS as they know how to engender some loyalty and have some values - and I know how good for me their programming can be, but its like junk food - you don't watch commercial television for nutritional content but the mindlessness on offer.

Sigh - oh well, maybe Outrageous Fortune will just have to remain the programme I hook up with as long as I am able, either flash new version on Channel 10 or naive young version on Win/9, but that I never allow myself to love too deeply, because I do know how those b*st*rds operate.

But there is nothing so pathetic as steeling your heart against a holiday fling.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Own Personal Christmas Tradition

Every year I do this.

Every year I wait until the last possible moment before I do the Christmas thing.

So here is the Christmas checklist:

Have I bought any presents yet?
No - we are shopping this afternoon. Why so early, you ask? Well, we are going back to the property tomorrow morning, so I have fulfilled my Christmas tradition of putting off shopping until the last possible moment.

Well, have I sent any Christmas cards?
No - well, the o/s ones went (last week after a week in my car and a 500km round trip, in the mailbox on Sunday night) and I have a list - does that count? How do you think I know that Christmas card rates last until the start of the New Year?

How about all that baking and cooking I mean to do?
Well, with a 4.30am wake up, you will be pleased to know that everything that needs to rest in the fridge is now resting and the baking will be taking place - and soon!

Any sewing projects this year?
The good news is the stuff for kids is nearly done. The bad news is that the stuff for kids was nearly done in October and so the sewing machine will be travelling to the property with us. As to the adults stuff? Looks like a bumper 2008!

So, am I going to do all the wrapping and crap tonight?

Heck no! - that is what Christmas Eve is for, after all!!! Tonight will be cleaning up, packing for the property and trying to prise out of V what he is offering me in the way of Christmas spirits.

I know all of you have done it all already (I read your blogs!) but don't you think "Christmas Tradition" is a much better spin on it than "Procrastination"?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The first thing you need to know is that 'Salina is horse mad. Which is a blessing and a curse...

A curse, as we live in a beachside town with room for a cat but no horse.

A blessing, as there is never any coersion needed to get her to visit relatives. My family has a myriad of horse opportunities available just WAITING for an enthusiastic child to take advantage. 'Salina loves to comply!

This last weekend, I have not been around Blogworld at all as we had another visit to the property. There was a party to attend, computer work to sort and, of course, a pony to ride.

My father loves animals, and any child that has enthusiasm towards doing something with animals is matched by him - and thus, a love affair was reignited, with 'Salina being offered a berth mustering yesterday morning. The only stipulation was she had to get herself up and ready in time.

(This differs in my childhood memories, as whether we were enthusiastic or not, we were woken by the cold washer method to take our place in the mustering team - but I digress)

With the sun, 'Salina rose and took her place around the breakfast table, wide awake and chattering away. She was absolutely STOKED, and I don't think she paused between then and when we collected her from the yards several hours later.

The pony she has to ride is "Bullseye" - half Shetland, half Shetland pony - very short and very smart. As the adage goes, a small horse has to travel twice as far - and thus, 'Salina and Bullseye travelled twice around two paddocks in that time, jigging along behind Grandpa, chattering happily, getting lost and then refinding herself often.

She was very keen to do more of the same - so I was a good mother, and returned home without my daughter while she works for the next few days.

Ah, child labour - when its done well, it feels like a holiday.

People commented on my last post that I have a good memory for my childhood - but I must admit, the memories formed from doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Christmas holidays were always like that. Every morning it was up early to breakfast, get your horse ready and be off in the truck by 7am. Every day was filled with mustering, droving, dipping, branding, needling, mothering, droving and getting home as the sun went down for a swim, a feast and a hard earned sleep - because tomorrow was another big day mustering.

I am not unhappy that my daughter will get a little of that this holidays - not (just) because of the child-free time I will have, but because it is a wonderful store of memories to draw from in life.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Break Up Day

Its the most wonderful day of the year - or at least, it is for 'Salina and many of her counterparts in the Queensland Education System.

Break Up Day!!!!

I remember how we looked forward to it when I was a girl.

In those days (post-slate but pre-computer) there were 3 school terms of about 13 weeks apiece. They were long terms, it is true, but the last term was longest with the heat of Summer sapping our brains and the knowledge that at the end of its interminableness were 6 well-earned weeks of holidays at Christmas - Hooray!!!

My memory, however, is at odds with 'Salina's experience.

How come our teachers didn't quit teaching two weeks earlier and allow us to colour in and watch videos?

No, they quit teaching about two days before - but it was only to harass us into picking up every scrap of rubbish (of which there was very little - we were constantly harassed about such and therefore it rarely hit the ground); get us scrubbing desks and chairs; cleaning blackboards, science shelves and sports storerooms; sorting stuff, throwing out stuff and shoving stuff in to our bags to take home for our mother's to treasure (or throw out).

On the final day, however - break up day - every child was at school, smiles a mile wide and pleased as punch. It would be hot but we were all in our best playing clothes. Our parents also joined us in their going to town gear - with every adult and child from a 15 mile radius, however tenuous their connection to the school was.

Big Sandy - perpetual president of the P&C - would dig pits and all the boys would gather wood for fires to be lit. The ladies would gather their plates of sandwiches and cakes in the cool of the library and we girls would run to their every whim - water for the urns, scrub another pot or mug, rock the baby, talk to old ladies and give them seats in the shade.

When the fires had died, Big Sandy would put camp-pots of damper in the ashes and we would all head to the oval for various sporting events - sack races, egg-and-spoon races, 3-legged races, mother and son relays - it all happened - and prizes awarded were cheers from the crowd amidst the laughter.

At the first smoko break, the urns would have boiled and large pots of tea heralded by the grown ups, with icy cordial our treat. This was used to wash down damper and jam, cakes and slices. As children, we were expected to drop everything and attend to the older members of the community if directed, and so various of the over 70 brigade used to sit on the sidelines and grasp us to bring a refresher for tea or a bit more of that jam tart.

During the heat of the day, presentations were made - to the students, to the parents and to the teaching staff. We once presented a rather horrid teacher with the detention chair he had made our lives hell with for his two year posting as his farewell gift - the parents all applauded our generosity wildly.

Lunch was more of the previous meal with sandwiches added, and the students were generally allowed one can of softdrink and an icecream as a treat. At this point, a few yellow cans of a different persuasion used to circulate amongst the men.

Afternoons were a walk around the classroom showing off your meritorious work, plum and apple dunking (very refreshing in the heat), slabs of watermelon and finally the biggest game of cricket on the oval involving everyone - if you couldn't bat or field, you could add your power through extremely loud commentary on the sidelines.

Farewells were generally made with the dipping of the sun, as everyone suddenly remembered animals to feed or milk and dinners to be made - and as we all left waving wildly, our thoughts were not on returning in 6 weeks or the work our fathers would give us during that time - but the feeling of freedom and fun and joy.

Today, I collected 'Salina up early from school - she was one of only 10 in her class to arrive this morning and the place was a ghost town. I wish so hard that she could have the memories that I held - but we bade a glad farewell, as the outcome is the same.

6 weeks of school holidays - woo hoo!!!

This post was mainly inspired by circumstance, but the kick up the pants to actually put it down was Scribbit's December Write-Away contest - about "My Favourite Day". She has been holding monthly contests for the whole year now, and I often mean to do something about them, but this is only the second time got my act together! Anyone can enter, with entries closing December 21 her time.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Public Service Announcements

Am I crashing YOUR computer? If my site is causing you any computer headaches or problems, please email me at "jeanieinparadise at yahoo dot com" (only take out the "at" and insert "@", take out the "dot" and insert "." and take out all the spaces).

And yes, I know the obvious answer is "how can we answer if your site crashes the computer if your site crashes our computer!" like I am some sort of dummy (or you are, and I don't mean to infer that) but if you are one of my lovely subscribers through Bloglines or Google and have noticed this, let me know. The rest of you I will have to guess about.

Those of you who follow avidly and keep and eye on the calendar will know that yesterday was not a day to mess around with me. Today I am a much saner person, and will let you in on a secret.

Yesterday, I used Red Wednesday powers for good, not evil!

Yesterday, of course, attracted the usual sort of merde - universe conspiring to undo my plans, head threatening to explode - but I rose above.

It started with my confirmation of dinner plans with the neighbour, and getting a "can we make it next week instead" response. Darn - I had not planned on cooking for the next 5 days, and suddenly I am confronted with having to thaw thomething and think of what to prepare. But I rose above, ladies (oh, and you honey) by not only cooking something, but INVENTING a whole new recipe that was delicious, involved some chicken AND used up the leftovers. I am a genius.

I also had a bad case of the grumps - but I channelled my morning grumpiness into hard-labour floor washing, and we are all grateful for that small mercy. There was something involving pork recently for dinner, and I think that the lino got a lard preparation.

I also got over the bookwork blues by bicycling to the post office and newsagency - and got rewarded with a cheque in the mail! The bank got rewarded with a sweaty depositor, but hey, with the fees they charge I am allowed to perspire.

The afternoon was threatening to be a write off, with the monthly migraine, so I dosed up and lay down - 'Salina was due to go to After School Care so I had an hour before the guilt would get me to collect - but ha! universe served me a beauty with her "forgetting" to go, so she got to see me collapse and groan while she had afternoon tea.

She wanted to play downstairs for a while, so I harnessed her youthful exuberance into handing the clothes and pegs to me and save my sinuses from killing me with the bending down - then, as she did not wish to cycle to the shops with me for provisions, stepped RIGHT into my FIRING LINE. She has not yet learned to mess with Menstrual Mother.

I texted V to collect milk, greens and sanity from the local IGA, and then whipped 'Salina in to her room for a little therapy. And my goodness, there is nothing like a banshee helping you clean up your room to make things get sorted. Things got turfed that have needed the treatment for a year. Shelves got sorted, drawers are now organised - and there is SPACE.

Do you know what? As she now has a clear desk, 'Salina has not once said "I am bored." Instead, she has spent all of her free time doing stuff on the freshly cleared surface. And how happy is she? Ecstatic. As is her mother - well, ecstatic mixed with the guilt that I should have done this much earlier - but that would be the Blue Thursday spin on things...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Better the Devil you know?

This afternoon in the back yard, we were having the "what did you do today" discussion.

I had a fairly boring day, with a school assembly, a volunteers morning tea, a very frustrating and ultimately unfulfilling time trying to track down something to complete a project and finally a very dirty and sore task of unloading half a trailer of dirt and then refilling said trailer with garden waste.

V built a house.

"We did nothing" said 'Salina. "Oh, we coloured in and played games."

Both V and I expressed our dismay that she wasn't nose to the grindstone right up until break-up day on Friday, and said that she would be better employed either starting Year 4 work or revising Year 3, working on areas that seriously need improvement.

The discussion then moved on to who got paid for what work and how (as you do - and as 'Salina's teacher may have occasion to read this - hey W - I shan't go into the transition discussion in any detail), which lead eventually to politicians.

"So you pay Kevin Rudd?" asked 'Salina. "I don't like him. I like John Howard."

Holding straight faces, we asked her why the preference.

"Because I have known John Howard forever. I don't like change." she said.

Sounds like some other people I know.

(Please note - political opinions expressed by my child are not necessarily reflections of my own political persuasion. I have long ago given up influencing her in any manner of opinion - I just sit back and watch.)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

You have to feel sorry for V

Poor old V...

Eddie attempted the 5am wake up on me this morning and for the first time in a long time failed.

I slept in until 6.45am - woo hoo.

Of course, Eddie just moved on to the next person in the pecking order to waken, so 'Salina was up at 5.10am. Which dominoed into V being up by 5.15 - but the darlings allowed me to sleep until 6.45. I am truly blessed.

Well, I got my tea and made noises about washing clothes, washing dishes, attacking gardens, convoluted trailer strategies, 'Salina's social engagements - the day has just started and my to-do list immediately sprang to the fore - so I came in to the computer to commune with nature my addictive id for a moment or two.

V came in to discuss something with me.

I responded with some comments that are not repeatable here, but just imagine breathy tones, knowledge of child-free hours soon and fill in the gaps - he got the message anyway to be on alert.

Both 'Salina and he intermittently yelled topics of discussion through to my not-yet-fully-caffienated-internet-soaked mind - about things, I wasn't really paying enough attention.

Then V mentioned that it might be time for me to "switch off the TV" (a comment often directed at 'Salina's lack of interaction) - which I did.

Then V mentioned that Outrageous Fortune (see previous rant) was scheduled for a Sunday night appearance at 11.10pm.

Then V started getting breakfast ready and I began cleaning and planning and doing and vibrating with the "to-dos". As I went to the freezer to retrieve frozen offerings for dinner tonight, V took an opportunity to mention - non-verbally - about the breathy tone scenario I had raised earlier. I snarled...

He was confused - "but 10 minutes ago" - "10 minutes is a long time, baby - especially this week" I mentioned to him.

The good news is he laughed about it. The good news is it is a few hours later and 'Salina is at a friend's house until 2pm. The other news is that V has crashed out - an avoidance of the quixotic nature of a pre-menstrual woman technique, perhaps.

So I blog in lieu of better things to do.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I blame Network Ten - Seriously

Dear Programming Maestros at Channel Ten,

Forgive me, but I hold you responsible for not having had enough sleep last night.

You see, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, your Network bought an excellent New Zealand program called
Outrageous Fortune, and then proceeded to give it absolutely no support. I applauded you for showing more than 1/2 of an episode as the sods at Channel Nine reportedly did last year.

However, in subsequent weeks it appears that you have attempted to bury it at 10.30 at night, and then kept switching nights to fling off any viewers.

But I am far more savvy - I have lost programs before - I read the TV guide to see where they are going to dig it in this week. I applaud the fact you have moved it back to Friday nights, after trying to ruin my week by making me stay up late on Sundays - but can I make a few suggestions, Channel Ten (and I do hope someone in programming has a google alert on it)?

How about putting it on INSTEAD of some of the putzy programs you call Summer Programming at an earlier timeslot?

How about pushing it as the fantastic NZ comedic drama that it is, maybe promote it a little in like programs and let the punters know? There is so little choice at the moment. (Oh, added bonus - there are meant to be a few thousand kiwis lodging in this land - maybe they will automatically back it if you told them about it?)

Alternatively, how about keeping it to one time slot so I can try and build my life around a constant?

Your other option is to give me a DVD recorder / video recorder that works / whizz bang new hard-drive recorder so I can record it, PMSL at a more convenient time and continue to spread the gospel...

Of course, my subsequent sleeplessness was caused by my lack of Christmas planning angst, and my really early morning was due to one Eddie monster - but if you fix this one problem, I will work on the rest.

Thanks in advance.

Jeanie InParadise

PS - Oh - and bring back Life

PPS - if you want me to contact you direct, I am a woman of technology. Therefore, an electronic contact would be appreciated on your website - and not just a complaint form. That sends out the wrong message that you only want complaints. I am not complaining - just trying to help.

PPPS - if you want feedback through your forums, it would help if you made registration available.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Debating Skills for 8 year old

Setting: Sunday afternoon - overcast and blowing a gale. 'Salina and BoyNextDoor are playing in the back yard.

'Salina: "Mu-um, can I have a swim?" (Concise question requiring yes/no answer)

Jeanie: "No darling, it's too windy and cold" (Nice logical clear reasoning)

(small pause)
'Salina: "Mu-um, If BoyNextDoor's Mum lets me can I have a swim?" (Throw in a variable and see what changes)

Jeanie: "No, its too windy and cold and you sneezed this morning." (Slightly expanded clear reasoning)

(small pause)
'Salina: "Mu-um, please can I have a swim? I promise I won't get a cold." (Offer bribes to the gods and mothers to get your way)

Jeanie: "No. If you don't get a cold you may go for a swim later in the week." (Brighter future given in negotiation)

'Salina: "P-l-e-a-s-e Mum can I have a swim now instead?" (Trying the wear-her-down method)

Jeanie: "No." (Trying the "I am sick of this debate here is my answer" method)

'Salina: "But Mu-um..." (Wear-her-down method with a raised but)

Jeanie: "No." (Repetition option instigated)

'Salina: "Aw - why not?" (Examine the technicalities)

Jeanie: "Because I said so." (Bring out the big guns)

'Salina: "That's not fair. I want a swim." (I wonder what the UN convention is on this matter?)

Jeanie: "I want world peace. The answer is No." (UN mother hat on)

'Salina: "That's not fair." (Can some liberal thinker save me from the torment of being her child?)

V: Listen to your Mum, 'Salina." (Thanks honey - nice to have allies)

'Salina: "That's not fair. I want a swim." (Overbearing dictatorship regime cramps style into petulant pose with a repetitive twist)

BoyNextDoor: "Sometimes mothers know best, 'Salina" (Don't you love the training BND's mother gives?)

(small pause)
'Salina: "If I promise not to get a cold can I go for a swim?" (Maybe you didn't hear me make my offerings to the health gods before)

Jeanie: "No." (I could sing this song all day.)

'Salina: "Its getting warmer. I don't think it is windy." (looking for the loopholes)

Jeanie: "No." (la la la la la la)

'Salina: "But.. " (have I used this one enough yet - could take it to the appeals board)

Jeanie: "If I hear another word about a swim this afternoon, there will be no swimming this week. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" (Way to go - threaten the future joy - pulling on the Judge Jeanie gown and frown)

'Salina: "Yes Mum." (If you think this is over you crazy woman, I would like to lull you into a false sense of security. Aren't I sweet?)

(long pause)
'Salina: "Mu-um, why can't I have a swim?" (Tee hee - this approach is novel and new and will be appreciated)

Jeanie: "Right. THAT IS IT..." (See silk threads blowing away over there? They were holding my sanity AND patience in place)

'Salina: "But Mum, I wasn't asking for a swim, I was asking why." (Aha - and she SCORES on the technical aspects.)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Great word, isn't it? Has so many meanings, can convey feelings both joyous and exasperated (another of my favourites), is a noun in several senses, a verb covering a few very different actions - and in this case, an almost expletive...

Today, it is going to start as such - as in "What a balls up, I failed to put my cookies (or bickies, as we prefer to call them) forward for Jenn's Second Annual Virtual Cookie Exchange" - but then I remembered that today is yesterday in Jenn's Land, and I would continue my balls analogy except I can't think of a way of working a ball into "Phew".

So here is yesterday's post (tee hee).

Way back when, I gave you Jeanie's Marvellous Muesli Bars - well, now, here is the variation of Sunday that is awesomely good (and I have testers standing by just waiting for the next batch)

Great Balls of Muesli

1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup self-raising flour
1/4 cup raw sugar
1/2 cup coconut
6 dried apricots - chopped
1/2 cup sultanas
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup choc chips
155g butter
1 tbsp honey

Mix all dry ingredients. Melt butter, mix in honey and then mix with dry ingredients.
Put into a lined slice tin and bake in moderate oven for 1/4 hour.
When you take it out, let it cool to handle, scoop up tbsp amounts, squeeze out excess butter, roll into balls and put 1/2 balls onto a biscuit tray.
Bake again for another 1/4 hour.
Really, really yummy - makes 36.

I know that "Currently under revision" sign has been on my blogroll for so long now it is embarrassing. And the longer it remains so, the more great blogs I am finding - too many for me to keep up with (despite wiping it clean every week or so, there are 3519 unread posts in my bloglines). So from today, I will update 10 at a time with those I really enjoy.

Wonderful posts recently from

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rainy Day Ruminations

ha ha ha - thought I would check the definition of ruminations - it seemed an apt word, but I wanted to make sure.

All but one definition this fits - read assured, I will refrain from regurgitating small quantities.

So anyway, its Sunday - Paradise is currently overcast, blustery and wet - which is perfect Sunday weather unless you were thinking of mowing the lawn or getting laundry dry or looking forward to Carols on the Foreshore tonight.

I awoke at my current body alarm time of 5.45am. Couldn't even blame 'Salina today - she was flat out snoring. So was V - Eddie could have some of my ire, as he was getting mighty comfortable on my feet, but that is normal behaviour so I will have to concede that maybe it just IS that I will be up at an ungodly hour until such time as I need to be, when my body will finally find the need to sleep dominates.

Of course, my immediate thought was food. It was not a "I am so hungry, what sustenance is available" waking - more a "what ingredients do I have to cook with and what will I make for my family/friends/strangers" type of situation.

Speaking of cooking, way back when I began this blogging malarkey, I was spurred in to action by Jenn and her Virtual Cookie Exchange.

Well, now I have an oven, and so I really intend to get some delicacy together.

That was not my impetus this morning though. I had promised V some Chocolate Squares, and the visitors had never had any of my Muesli Bars so it was time to ration the butter and make as much as I could.

For some reason, the Muesli Bars were wetter than usual, so I rolled them and rebaked - mmmmMMmmmm, may just become the new normal!!

Anyway - off to eat more - calories don't count on rainy Sundays, do they?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Early Morning Christmas Cheer

I was dragged kicking and screaming roused from my slumber this morning by a ghastly little elf beautiful child, wishing to advise me that the cat was on the dressing table and should it be allowed?

What a thoughtful child. I mean, it is so much more a reason to wake your mother than "It is the first of December. Can we get the tree out? Can we start decorating? Can I start sending you mad?"

No no no no no... For those she at least waited until I had abluted - but then the onslaught began. The time was 5.43am.

I had to be up - mainly because I don't do going back to sleep very well. But also because we have house guests. I have this old-fashioned approach to house guests - let them sleep, and to ensure that was a possibility I had to exercise some form of supervision - get the "shush" tone set so that she wouldn't escalate into normal 'Salina raised to the power of Christmas.

Old friends of mine who are also friends of 'Salina (depite Girl2 telling her this week that "adults and children cannot be friends").

Old friends (as in I have known them for about 15 years) who also benignly mention occasionally whether they should contemplate children.

I know - I should just let 'Salina loose on them with some pre-6am Christmas cheer and stomp on their suppositions, but I don't know - I like to keep my friends, not scare them away.

I do offer my child as a surrogate during moments of indeciciveness - it sometimes works (and they are all "oh, she is so gorgeous") and it sometimes works (and they are all "oh, lets get a bottle or two of alcohol").

Apparently, she was awake when V did his 5.05 morning ritual, and seeing him awake said "It is the first of December. Can we get the tree out? Can we start decorating?" Despite him being as eager as she, he saw the need to wring as much sleep out of the morning as possible and just told her "soon" and resumed sleeping.

He is awake now - he just asked me if I knew where the Christmas tree was. "Yes" I told him.

'Salina has now completed 3 Christmas games apparently, and is itching to play them with someone!

Oops - must go - although my friends are still asleep, V attempted to wake them by taking a tumble at the top of the back stairs (right beside the spare bedroom window). He spilt coffee all over a floor I only washed this week (okay, and the rain slicked up to the right consistency for his speed-racer thongs to slide on).

Okay, it was because I opened a few windows on the landing at 6 - but I swear, it wasn't raining then. Also, I openly declare to the world that I much, much, much prefer all of the wonders that V offers my life alive (to anything really, let alone pointing fingers at me attempting darling-acide).

It is now 7.30 - the Christmas season has (apparently) officially begun.