Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Shopping

3 more shopping days until Christmas

Well, that is what I have available, anyway. I am going over to help my mother for a few days this week, so only today and Friday to do any shopping that I need to do - there is Saturday, but that may be procuring ingredients for feasting on Monday.

How prepared am I? Well, I have bought one nephew 1/2 a present in September, last month I haphazardly bought some books from a school fundraiser that will get doled out, and I have bought 1 stocking stuffer.

How prepared should I be? Well, I have 6 nieces and nephews, 1 daughter, 2 cousin's babies and 3 external to the family kids I really should buy for. "The Family" (familiar name for my ex-outta-laws) - there are 4 that will probably get scratchies (if they are very lucky), my family - 8 lots of variable levels of more expensive scratchies... And then my honey - who reads this so I won't mention the hotrod I am getting him, or the baubles I expect there!

(Oh, and I am not going to mention the 54 cards I need to do tonight, am I?)

Every year (for the past few) I have been broke at this time of year. Whitegoods, cars and living expenses tend to make that happen - every year I try to make stuff to extend the what I can affords but just didn't get around to it this year.

Ho hum, off to budget and list. Anyone need anything while I am at the shops? More importantly, anyone have any really good strategies for me?

My Resolution for this year was to be more organised - ha ha - its still good for next year, methinks!!!