Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today's To Do List - or "Whatever happened to Tuesday"

It had started so well, too.

I awoke early and refreshed. Admittedly, it was yet again 4.30am - I think it must just be my waking time these hot summer days (okay, new member of family Eddie, the cutest kitten in the universe, may have also had a little to do with it).

I got my grapefruit quotient in a breakfast, too. Normally, that is a surefire way to keep this ship aright and full steam ahead.

I got the first load of washing on. This includes my daughter's other school dress, so you can see that preparedness was evident early on.

My princess was (a) dressed, (b) fed, (c) groomed, and (e) lunchboxed when she walked out of the door. Maybe she wasn't a total ball of sunshine, but I count that mark as a pass. I mean, she wasn't screaming, crying or begging - I am not the worst mum in the world if I don't fold at the first "I don't feel so well" try on, am I? It is the second day of this school year, and I am hoping to move our "absenses" to a sub 20 figure this year - my strategy is to keep it to the days where she is actually sick and see how we go with that. (BTW - for those suddenly worrying about the neglect of my poor child, I will do a spoiler and say that she did not get sick at school today).

I had an appointment at 9.30. I think it is the hour between waving my daughter off to school and when I had to leave myself that the first signs of rot set in.

You see, I made a mistake and started to read. I have a confession to make. I am a reading addict. Yes, all very "My name is Jeanie and I have no power" it seems, with the old woodpulp and ink - and the 1s and 0s around here too - you aren't entirely blameless, internet community.

Anyhow, what with the intense need for sluicing due to Summer juices, the many distractions on offer and Eddie's very existence (did I mention the most gorgeous ginger feline?), it took every minute of the 13 I had up my sleeve to get from point A to appointment and find a park (I love living away from the city!!!).

So - snarked it, it seems. Appeared unruffled and managed to bluff my way through - I have no ideas what I was really saying, but the lady made all the right noises. May not make any perfect part-time solution magically appear, but it can't help but to dream...

Darn it - then I remembered what I was meant to do during that 1 hour recess between bus and appointment. Given my financial circumstances at the moment, it is a wise to ensure that both the budget and shopping list are followed to the letter - and despite good intentions, neither had been created for this fortnight.

Got home with only enough provisions for the 2 days before I shall venture abroad again, I had drive and purpose to get today's list done and dusted, just as soon as I ate my lunch.

Just after lunch, a friend called - well, let me just say that on all levels, I made the best choice here and sat down and we talked and listened and conjectured and laughed. Sometimes you just gotta do that with friends, you know.

Ah, but the phone call was over and still there was a child-free portion of the day - and I only had to put down laundry, compost, recycling, unpacking, folding, fixing beds, putting clothes away and sweeping/washing/vacuuming all floors on to the to do list and some of it should have disappeared by now, surely?

Oh well, I spent a bit more time in England during the Revolution, caught up on a few weeks blogarama, processed some of the stuff that went on during my (ha ha ha) holidays and downloaded and uploaded photos.

And then my darling daughter came home from school - and we both needed a little us time. I give it to her so rarely, as I am always being busy. Instead today I filed that and we talked, sang, dug out recorders and played...

Since then I have actually finished that 1st load of washing - and the compost did go into the bin.

My daughter has found some old cardboard and crayoned and cut out a vast array of vegetables.

I have my darling awaiting me patiently on IM. My daughter and I are about to concoct something for dinner - it will involve pork and vegetables. And then we will all have a wonderful evening.

(An aside - my daughter has just brought me in a present. Giftwrapped in leftover bookcover contact is a white piece of scrap paper (good girl - she goes through my printer stash like no-one) with my name artfully printed - and within, a black rectangle with a red end. A wand, apparently - she knows what I needed today!!!

Oh, and I wrote this blog. There is always tomorrow...


Tracey said...

Why is it that I just LOVE reading about other people procrastinating their way through the day!

A wand! There's an idea....

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have gotten 1/2 as much as you did. It's funny how when we look at our lists and determine we didn't do enough, it irritates us. We probably do more than most men. :)

jeanie said...

Thanks - I think we always think everyone else is doing it better than we are - unless, of course, we are perfect - I don't really know what the perfect people think.